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11 slides
Blasting in Underground Bituminous Coal Mines
The purpose of this program is to review the Safe blasting procedures for shotfirers in underground bituminous coal mines.

14 slides
Blasting Regulations
Covers 29 CFR Part 1910 - General Industry, 29 CFR Part 1926 - Construction, BATF and DOT.

14 slides
Blasting Regulations
Explores the requirements on blasting operators contained in 29 CFR, BATF and DOT.

16 slides
Blasting Regulations
Regulatory requirements for NCDOT blasting operations.

19 slides
Blasting Safely with Proper Techniques
The most important responsibility of the blaster in charge is to prepare and fire safely.  They are to practice safety in transportation, storage, handling, and the proper use of explosives.

60 slides
In 1867, Alfred Noble managed to make Nitroglycerin stable and got a patent for Dynamite and also founded the Nobel Peace Prize because he could foresee the destruction his creation could cause.

23 slides
Explosives and Blasting Agents Transportation
Covers relevant provisions of 29 CFR 1910.109.

21 slides
Safe Introduction of Electronic Detonators
From the Ensign-Bickford Company, this presentation cover safety precautions which apply to detonators.

15 slides
The History of Explosives
A look back at the origins of the use of explosives.

74 slides
Blasting and Flyrock Awareness
The objective of this course is to provide participants with a greater understanding and appreciation of the dangers associated with blasting activities and flyrock, as well as hazard recognition.

40 slides
ISMR Blaster Retraining Workshop
All results in blasting performance are due to the degree of confinement, based on the columns of the blasting product being utilized for a given overburden material.

5 slides
2013 Fatal Accident Investigation
The victim was killed after a blast was initiated.  He was in a front-end loader about 30 feet from the base of a highwall.  After the blast, broken rock struck the front-end loader and covered it.  Almost 10 hours after the blast, the rock was removed from the front-end loader and the victim was recovered.

10 slides
Defining the Danger Zone for Blasting
Guidance for shotfirers and explosives supervisors on what to consider when determining the danger zone for quarry blasting.

29 slides
ANFO and Emulsion Characteristics
ANFO is considered a "Blasting Agent.”  This means it cannot be detonated with a #8 strength detonator when unconfined.  It requires a primer assembly to be initiated.

9 slides
Stuff Happens
A shotfirer’s truck exploded as the driver was opening the gates to the explosives compound.  The truck had been driven from the shot where the rest of the product was used back to the magazines, approximately a ten minute trip.

29 slides
The Safe Explosives Act
Congress enacted the Safe Explosives Act (“SEA”) on November 25, 2002 as part of the Homeland Security Act.  The purpose of the SEA is to prevent terrorists and criminals from obtaining explosives.

23 slides
Transportation of Explosives and Blasting Agents
Discusses the requirements for the safe transportation of explosives.
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