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32 slides
Workplace Examinations
Includes discussion of 30 CFR § 56.18002 and an examination of two accidents.

33 slides
Workplace Examinations Final Exam
Try these 55 questions with answers on 30 CFR § 56.18002.

21 slides
Workplace Examinations
Workplace examinations are intended to alert mine management to any changes in the mine ventilation system and other potentially dangerous mining conditions before accidents can happen.  Each mine examiner’s task to conduct a proper and complete examination is essential to accomplish an accurate assessment of conditions within the mine.

22 slides
Workplace Examinations
Photos illustrate potential hazards observed during pre-shift and on-shift examinations.
Final Rule for Examination of Working Places in Metal and Nonmetal Mines External Link
The Mine Safety and Health Administration announces a final rule that will enhance the quality of working place examinations in metal and nonmetal mines.

60 slides
MSHA’s Final Rule on Workplace Examinations in Metal/Nonmetal Mining
Thorough and complete Workplace Examinations are a requirement and an invaluable tool to assure a safe and healthy workplace. Mine operator’s should diligently review the records of Workplace Examinations to ensure that hazards are being noted and that hazards are being corrected in a timely manner.
Caterpillar Safety and Maintenance Checklists
SAFETY.CAT.COM™ provides safety and maintenance checklists for various machine types, along with detailed start-up and shut-down procedures for many of those same machine types.
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