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Digital Mining Photograph Archive External Link
The MSHA Digital Library photograph collection includes over 1,000 historical mining photographs from the original Bureau of Mines collection.  These photographs cover a wide range of topics connected to mining, including underground, community, mine rescue, and historical scenes.  New images will be added to the collection on a regular basis.

22 slides
More Humor from There I Fixed It
More humorous oddities from the "There I Fixed It" web site.

2006 Drill Rig Accident
Photos from a drill rig accident that occurred in 2006.

Iranshahr Thermal Power Plant Coupling Fatigue
Photos of the aftermath of a 2009 accident at a thermal power plant.

8 slides
Near Miss - Haul Truck vs Pickup
Indonesian mining contractor accident of a haul truck and pickup.  Must see photos.

62 slides
New York Crane Collapse
This PowerPoint Presentation consists of photos and text mined from the web pertaining to the fatal New York crane collapse which occurred in May 2008.

15 slides
Memorable Moments
Heavy equipment accident photos.

13 slides
Securing the Load
Aftermath photos of a fatal truck accident which occurred near Denver.  Portions of the load, steel pipe, was sent thrusting through the cab, fatally injuring the driver.

17 slides
Tank farm fire in Kuwait
Photos of a tank farm fire in Kuwait.

Train Fire Burns Trestle
Amazing photos of a wooden railroad trestle caught on fire by a trains overheated brakes.

129 slides
Filled with photos illustrating the various and unique ways we manage to wreck vehicles.

104 slides
Hand Injuries
This presentation contains intense accident photos.  Illustrates the gruesome aftermath of hand injuries.

81 slides
Unsafe Practices
Here's a collection of photos showing the many ways people take risks everyday.

8 slides
Workplace Dangers
Humorous safety parody asking you to spot the dangers presented in photos.

28 slides
Asbestos Illustrations
This presentation includes photos of materials containing asbestos.

My Favorite Philosophy
Cool PowerPoint show containing spectacular photos and thought provoking text to bring things into perspective.  Would make a good closer to any training session.

Can I Borrow Your Snatch Strap?
Collection of photos where a variety of vehicles have been found in need of a tow, jerk or drag.

13 slides
Acetylene Van Explosion
Photos of a violent explosion in a residential area originated by an acetylene gas cylinder in a plumber's van.

31 slides
Compressed Cylinder Safety
This presentation contains photos of poor practices in the storage and handling of compressed gas cylinders.

33 slides
Compressed Gas Safety
This presentation contains photos depicting hazardous situations in the safe handling of compressed gases.

8 slides
Dial Before You Dig
A blast from the past.  Photos of the aftermath of a ruptured gas line caused by a farmer's use of a post hole digger.

103 slides
OSHA Construction Site Photos
Pictures of construction sites along with regulatory deficiencies.  Poor use of colors throughout the presentation.

14 slides
Outstanding Construction Awards
Hilarious photos of a number of bonehead mistakes made by builders.

13 slides
Hoover Dam Bypass Construction Photos
Photos of the construction project for the dam bypass bridge.

Lunch on the Skyscraper
Vintage photos of construction workers relaxing and working hundreds of feet in the air.  Breath taking.

49 slides
Conveyor and Crusher Safety
Contains photos and legal requirements of Part 56 pertaining to conveyors and crushers.

8 slides
250t Leibherr Crane Mishap
Gillespie crane support outrigger punches through slab causing crane to lose balance and collapse across the site and onto adjoining property.

8 slides
250 Tonne Crane Incident
Additional photos of the Gillespie crane incident (above).

16 slides
Freeport Indonesia Land Slide
Contains photos of the land slide that occurred at a Freeport Indonesia gold mine.

The BHN Disaster
This is a PowerPoint show which includes photos and description of the ASCO drilling platform disaster.

60 slides
Quecreek Mine Rescue
PowerPoint Show of the Quecreek Mine Rescue.

9 slides
Audi RS6 Accident Photos
Photos of the aftermath of an accident involving an Audi RS6.  The car split in two and the driver walked away unharmed.

19 slides
How Fast Must You Be Going To Do This?
PowerPoint show containing eye-opening photos of the destruction of an Audi caused by excessive speed.

129 slides
Wrecks - Is Your Insurance Paid Up?
Huge presentation file containing 128 photos of wrecked vehicles of all types.

14 slides
Civil Engineering Learnings
Unbelievable photos of a 12-story building that has fallen intact in China.

20 slides
Big Spring Refinery Fire Photos
With industry residing close to our neighborhoods, hazards to the public become enormous when disaster strikes.  On February 18, 2008, an explosion occurred at an oil refinery in Big Spring, Texas owned by Alon USA.

16 slides
Finding a Bee in Your Bonnet
An amazing tale along with even more amazing photos.  Take heed when it comes time to uncover your BBQ grill.

6 slides
Animal Hazards in Guyana
Photos of 4 critters you might want to avoid the next time you're in Guyana.

56 slides
CNG Auto Fire/Explosion
Amazing aftermath photos and description of an accident involving a CNG powered car.

34 slides
Walking and Working Surfaces
Illustrations and photos hilite this presentation on the regulatory requirements of fall protection.

13 slides
Working at Height
Photos illustrate "The Good Ole Days" before fall protection regulations.

22 slides
Identified Workplace Hazards
Photos illustrate hazards of fall along with discussion on fall protection.

35 slides
General Unsafe Things
Here's a collection of photos that have been circulating along with short captions which express volumes about those things we do to hurt ourselves.

18 slides
Safety at Work
Photos of 17 award-winning activities illustrating man's desire to flaunt safety and health practices.  Some old, some new.

20 slides
You Are What You Eat
This presentation takes you through photos and facts about 20 fast foods you should avoid if you want to enjoy healthy living.

54 slides
Are You Prepared?
Contains vintage photos, including the Sunshine Mine Fire.

JSA Starter: How not to release a bear
Another version of the game warden releasing a bear into the wild.  This is an excellent albeit unusual set of photos for a job safety analysis.

12 slides
Bluestone Mining Industry I
Part I of VI - Photos illustrate common hazards in the Bluestone Mining Industry.

12 slides
Bluestone Mining Industry II
Part II of VI - Photos illustrate common hazards in the Bluestone Mining Industry.

12 slides
Bluestone Mining Industry III
Part III of VI - Photos illustrate common hazards in the Bluestone Mining Industry.

7 slides
Bluestone Mining Industry IV
Part IV of VI - Photos illustrate common hazards in the Bluestone Mining Industry.

12 slides
Bluestone Mining Industry V
Part V of VI - Photos illustrate common hazards in the Bluestone Mining Industry.

10 slides
Bluestone Mining Industry VI
Part VI of VI - Photos illustrate common hazards in the Bluestone Mining Industry.

8 slides
Mirny Diamond Mine
Photos illustrate the immenseness of the diamond mine at Mirny in eastern Russia.

10 slides
Whats Wrong With This Picture?
Identify regulatory violations in these 10 photos.

118 slides
Mobile Equipment Safety
Presentation from People First that covers the requirements of Part 56.  Contains many photos.

18 slides
Safely Climbing Up and Down on Machinery
Photos illustrate the right way of climbing on and off mobile equipment.

What Not To Do With Equipment
Full of photos of damaged construction and mining equipment.

40 slides
A Place Called Earth
More photos taken at various locations on the planet earth.

21 slides
Fantastic Photography
Here's a collection of stunning photos from various locations around the world.

16 slides
I Wish You The Strength of All Elements
Filled with photos and quotes meant to inspire you.

Man in Space
Set to music (Impossible Dream), this show contains spectacular photos about the U.S. space program.

Really Old Pictures
Old-time photos from many walks of life.

28 slides
Stunning Photography
Filled with fantastic photos from around the world.

7 slides
This Is Why I Hate Snakes
Filled with unusual and seldom seen photos.

Water - Beautiful and Powerful
PowerPoint Show full of breathtaking photos displaying both the beauty and power of water.

What a Pretty Blue Planet
Spectacular photos of earth when viewed from space.

20 slides
It's Electric, Take Cover!
Breath-taking photos of all varieties of lightning.

Where Were You When The Towers Fell
Seldom seen photos taken on the 9/11/2001 when two airliners smashed into the World Trade Center in New York City.

17 slides
When you see a hazard
This presentation includes photos of work situations and asks the audience to identify the hazards.

17 slides
Top Training and Safety Complaints
Very nicely done presentation with humorous photos illustrating the top safety and training complaints we all hear.

Alberta Oil Patch
PPT show containing photos of a transportation nightmare presumably from Alberta, Canada.  No other description is available.

6 slides
Boulder's Too Big!
Photos of a haul truck loaded with a boulder that's just too damn big.

Kings of Logistics
Photos fill this PPS about the various and unusual ways people transport materials and goods.

11 slides
You're Qualified If . . .
A collection of photos of heavy equipment that's been smashed, buried and toppled.

9 slides
Incident at a Shipyard in Malasia
Dramatic photos of an accident as it is occurring.

What's Wrong with this Picture?
Contains a number of photos of things gone wrong - some old, some new.

33 slides
Pump Jack/Ladder Jack Scaffold
This presentation uses photos to highlite violations of OSHA regulations pertaining to scaffolds.

34 slides
This presentation uses photos to illustrate safe practices in the use of scaffolds.

20 slides
ATV Safety
Filled with facts and photos pertaining to ATV safety.

40 slides
Too much snow in any language
This presentation, which is led into by foreign text, contains photos of snowfall conditions that are simply ridiculous.

18 slides
Winter Awareness
Photos used to illustrate winter-time safety hazards.

40 slides
Excavation Photos
Photos displaying hazardous excavation scenarios.

17 slides
It's about dying, but it doesn't have to be
Photos displaying trenching and shoring scenarios.

Hurricane Ike Photos
Galveston and Houston, Texas suffer extensive damage from Hurricane Ike in 2008.

28 slides
Storm Safety
Fact and photos related to adverse weather conditions.

When Artisans Were Real Men
Old-time photos of construction workers doing it their way.

Light Show
Spectacular photos demonstrate the awesome power of atmospheric electrical discharges we call lightning.

17 slides
Near Bite
While working on the Chevron Mozelle Self lease in the Hostetter field north of Freer Texas, CrossTex contract Field Specialist, Larry Millermon, reported a near BITE.  What was doing the "near" biting may surprise you.  Great photos.

36 slides
Coal History - Mine Rescue
Photos illustrate the early days of mine rescue beginning with the start of the U. S. Bureau of Mines.

21 slides
Grupo De Interven o Mine Rescue Team
Training photos of the Grupo De Interven o Mine Rescue Team.

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