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23 slides
Temporary Heaters
Discussion about safeguards using temporary propane heaters.

14 slides
Propane Refueling Procedures
Propane (C3H8) is a hydrocarbon that is sometimes referred to as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).  Extremely flammable - vapor accumulation could flash and/or explode if in contact with open flame.

29 slides
Compressed Gases
This training session is a general overview of compressed gas safety.  OSHA has many different requirements for compressed gas safety, from general requirements to requirements for specific gases and applications (i.e., welding).

11 slides
Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety
General safety precautions to be taken when handling all compressed gas cylinders.

27 slides
Safe Use of Cylinder Gases
Compressed gases present a unique hazard.  Depending on the particular gas, there is a potential for simultaneous exposure to both mechanical and chemical hazards.

109 slides
The Nature of Chemical Hazards & Implications of GHS Applied to Industry
The two primary goals of this training: (1) Introduce the newly revised Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) aligning it with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals; and (2) Provide a basic awareness training emphasizing the nature of chemicals.

48 slides
Safe Handling of Compressed Gases
The goals of this presentation are to heighten the awareness of the dangers associated with compressed gases; to encourage safe operating practices in their everyday use; and to help ensure the right equipment is used for your application.

30 slides
New Employee Orientation: Hazardous Materials
In the past, workers were not always aware of the hazardous materials they might come into contact with on the job.  In many cases, container labels and warning sheets did not give enough information about hazardous materials.  Today, new laws and regulations have been enacted to help employees stay safe on the job.

24 slides
Natural Gas Safety
When natural gas burns completely, carbon dioxide - a harmless gas is formed.  But, when natural gas is burned a carbon monoxide is formed.  Carbon monoxide is deadly.

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