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Workplace Violence: Issues in Response
Mass murder on the job by disgruntled employees are media-intensive events.  However, these mass murders, while serious, are relatively infrequent events. It is the threats, harassment, bullying, domestic violence, stalking, emotional abuse, intimidation, and other forms of behavior and physical violence that, if left unchecked, may result in more serious violent behavior.  These are the behaviors that supervisors and managers have to deal with every day.

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Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training Exercise
This section provides three different active shooter workplace violence scenarios.  As the scenario develops, the reader should identify actions relevant to their company and position within the company.  The scenarios only look at the incident and do not take into consideration recovery, business continuity planning, or after-event considerations.

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Active Shooter Awareness and Preparation
Tragedy after tragedy has occurred involving mass shootings of innocents.  We hope that by having an understanding of what has led us to today will better prepare you and your loved ones.

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