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Hazard Alert - Stockpiles
While operating a dozer to push clean coal from a stockpile to a clean coal silo, the operator backed into a five foot retaining wall separating the stockpile from an adjacent stream.  The dozer tipped and rolled twelve feet over an embankment into the stream.

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Stockpilng Safety
MSHA's Safety Manual Series, SM 27. This is one of a series of manuals prepared by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) to acquaint the reader with a specific area of mining.  This manual deals with the safe operation of mobile equipment on and around stockpiles.  It discusses the hazards associated with stockpiles and reviews the procedures that can be used to minimize the occurrence of accidents.

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Stockpile Collapses on Loader Driver
Hazard alert of a stockpile accident.

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SOP: Stacker Access
This standard operating procedure is designed to assist operating management and provide the basis for a safe and cost-effective operation.

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Coal Stockpile End of Month Survey
This S.O.P. is a guideline intended to ensure consistent practices across XXX and avoid safety hazards, operating problems, and inefficiencies.
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