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Don't Try This at Home Children
Photos illustrate a Darwin Award approach to scaffold construction and use.

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Mobile Wonder
Another ill-conceived scaffolding.

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A Guide to Scaffold Use in the Construction Industry
Each employee more than 10 feet above a lower level shall be protected from falls by guardrails or a fall arrest system, except those on single-point and two-point adjustable suspension scaffolds.

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Scaffold of the Year
Photo of an example of bad scaffolding.
Scaffolding Videos
Browse our collection of Scaffolding videos.
Scaffolding PowerPoint Presentations
Browse our collection of Scaffolding PowerPoint Presentations.

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Scaffold Safety
This course will discuss the general requirements of scaffolding, the basic parts of a scaffold as well as the different types of scaffolding.

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Leveling Example
There must be a school somewhere that teaches how to improperly erect scaffolding.

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