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Claw Hammer Juggling
"Don't Try This at Home" applies to this feat.  Watch as this guy drives in a nail high overhead while juggling three claw hammers.  Pretty cool.

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Be Aware of Your Surroundings
Whether preparing your workplace or carrying out the task, always be aware of potential hazards.  This fireman forgot to do this.

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Be Part of the Solution - Not Part of the Problem
In this video, the team medic rushes to aid an injured player, overlooking the slippery condition of the grassy field.

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Billiard Task Training
Must have taken hours of practice and setup time.

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Chopper Pilot Final Exam
Skilled pilot manuevering his craft.

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Consumed by the event
This girl is determined to hit the target, although it's no good when you become the target.  Gotta hurt!

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Elk That Got Away
Huge elk comes within inches of a motionless hunter that fails to get a shot off.

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Flippen Out Members Doing It
Group of folks doing tricks with trampolines.

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Job Performance Steps
Every aspect of our lives requires planning to various degrees.  This short video clip shows a would-be crook that has overlooked a few key details in his work.

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Mission Impossible Squirrel
Someone trained a squirrel to do this and we can't get people to buckle a seat belt, or stay away from moving equipment.

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Moron Shooting a Gun
Here's one of those "don't try this at home" examples.  This idiot should rank high on the Darwin Awards list.
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New Mouse Don't Work
Funny video clip of two talking animals, learning how to use their new "mouse."

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Pole Dancing
Usually somewhere in the directions is some mention of the weight capacity for the item.

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Premature Celebration
This video should be a good reminder that there's a time and place to celebrate that job well done.

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Recreation Can Hurt You Too!
Recreational activities pose risks also.  This video shows the wrong way to disembark a ski lift.

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Senior Moment
This woman appears to be reverting back to days of the Olivetti manual typewriter.  Very funny!

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Task Training - Brick stack and carry
Here's one way of doing it.  Could have also listed this one under PPE or material handling.  Watch those toes.

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Task Training for the Early Days of IT
Hilarious video clip about what it may have been like a long time ago.

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Whose the showoff now?
Funny ending for this husband and father after trying to repeat what he sees from his window.
Ohio State University Marching Band
Yes, the category is task training.  Check out the precision of this band performing their halftime show during a 2012 game against Nebraska.  Watch what they do at the 6 minute mark.

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