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4-Wheel Drive Idiot
Idiot alert!  Look ma, no driver.

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Bad Swing Move
Here's one for Stay Out Stay Alive.  Rope swings may look like a lot of fun, but they can be dangerous.

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Boating Safety??
Setting out to conduct a controlled burn exercise, this firefighter learns a lesson about gasoline.

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Bonfire Explosion
You might want to consider a fuel other than gasoline to prime your next bonfire.

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Bottle Bomb
We can only assume that digits were lost after this concoction of chlorine and alcohol are mixed and shaken in a 2-liter plastic bottle.

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Daring Jumps Have Consequences
We often see the finished product of the big name stars of bike riding.  Makes you wonder how often this happened in their training.

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Darwin Award Reject I
Here's another Darwin Award Reject.  I have a feeling they'll try again.

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Darwin Award Reject II
Here's another Darwin Award Reject.  I have a feeling they'll try again.

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Darwin Award Reject III
Here's another Darwin Award Reject.  I have a feeling they'll try again.

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Darwin Award Reject IV
Here's another Darwin Award Reject.  I have a feeling they'll try again.

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Darwin Award Reject V
Here's another Darwin Award Reject.  I have a feeling they'll try again.

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Darwin Dummy
Knucklehead number 2 follows knucklehead number 1 through a guarded railroad crossing.  Make sure you pay attention to spot the object left behind.

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Dumb Ass of the Year Award
This genius thought it would be cool to set off a bottle rocket from his anus.  This has to hurt.

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How Not To Work Out
Exercise machines can be harmful to your health.

827 Kb
This one is left for you to describe.  I have nothing to offer.

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Human Cannonball
This asshole is hoping Santa will bring him a 10-digit calculator for Christmas.

617 Kb
Idiot on 2 Wheels
Idiot alert!  After doing wheelies down the highway, our lead driver decides to hang a left.  Driver No. 2 has other ideas.

798 Kb
Idiot with a Kite
Idiot alert!   Can't let go, this kite cost too much.

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Loading Your Bike
Back by popular demand.  Still thinking the video has been manipulated to produce this as no one could be this stupid.

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Negligent Cop
Like an out-take from Reno 911, this assisting officer nearly shoots the suspect while he's being handcuffed.

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Painful Bike Tumble
Maybe they think they're living out a part in a video game.  The expression of pain on this kid's face says it all.
Tree Cutting Professionals
Tree cutting at its worst.  These folks shoulda called somebody.

917 Kb
Parking Lot Showoff
Slick manuever if you can pull it off.  Before he goes to the hospital, he better leave his insurance information.

811 Kb
Pole Dancing Training for Beginners
When attempting tricks like this one, get the camera man to spot for you.

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Pushing the Envelope
Leave the stunt riding to the experts.  Just because a vehicle can go this fast, doesn't mean you have to.

505 Kb
Redneck Roller Coaster
Obviously bored with life, here's a group of daredevils with welding skills.

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Redneck Water Skiing
This looks like it hurts.  Skiing across a pond and pulled by the rear axle of a car.

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Riding the Escalator
Creativity: 6; Style: 4; Landing: 0; Stupidity: 10

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Roof Top Body Slam
Not sure which is worse, the act performed or the jerk with the camera laughing at his injured pals.

3.4 Mb
Shot close-range in a bullet-proof vest
Here's another Darwin Award recipient.  From the blood coming from this asshole's chest, it looks like the shooter was a little too close.  Medic!

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Snowmobiler Needs a New Hobby
Idiot alert!  This snowmobile racer is definitely having a bad day.  Maybe NASCAR is next.

545 Kb
This is just toooo stupid
Have no idea what this dummy hoped to accomplish.  Just wish the horse had diarrhea.

538 Kb
Too Close to the Anchor
Idiot alert!  Our boat captain makes an error in judgement when pulling too close to the larger vessel.  Anchors aweigh!

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Trailer Jump
What an idiot!  This jerk attempts to jump over vehicles in a car while pulling a trailor.

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Train Dodge
This video teaches that you should never play chicken with a train.

473 Kb
Train Roulette
This video should not be shown in the company of mentally imbalanced or retarded individuals.

341 Kb
Watch That First Step
Idiot alert!  Showing off somehow just never works out.  At least this guy remained conscious.

939 Kb
WD-40 Tire Repair
Don't try this at home.  Jack (of all trades) applies WD-40 to a flat tire and ignites it.

3.4 Mb
Whale Explosion
How do you get rid of a dead beached whale?  Naturally you blow it up.

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Wonder who owns this truck?
This bonehead is obviously not making the payments on this pickup truck.

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