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Buggy Turns Into Submarine
Winter means "let's do something stupid today" for these two characters.  They apparently think the ice is thicker where they're standing afterward.  At least the female in this video is having fun.

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Cobra Strike
The video has an infant placed inches away from a cobra displaying its hood.

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Days They Should Have Stayed in Bed
Wild video with scenes of things gone wrong.

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Does the Bull know he's part of the show?
Here we have a troup of daredevils going through their routine of tricks with a really pissed-off bull.

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Haul Truck Recovery Goes Afoul
While righting this overturned haul truck, these workers left out one key element.

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Idiot Tree Removal Company
You would think that maybe just one of these nitwits would see some danger in what they're about to do.

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Little Girls Will Do Anything For A Stuffed Animal
Including climbing inside the iron claw machine where they're housed.  Daring little darling.

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Missing Risk Management
Poor preparation went into this job prior to tearing down a concrete tower.
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Loading with Style
Watch this smooth jet ski operator in the process of loading his toy into a van.  Also notice the lack of regard given to the water bird.  This couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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Missing Wing Landing
You'll be speechless after you see this pilot successfully land his plane after his right wing falls off.

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Snowmobile Accident
Amazing video about a snowmobile rider that experiences a terrible accident during a competition.

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The Blonde Antelope
Amusing video where we watch a pair of lions waiting for their next meal.

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Too Close to His Work
Branding animals can be dangerous work.

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Where are those keys?
Bad enough his car gets away from him, this guy's really in for a surprise after he catches it.

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Wrong Place to Broadcast from
Another stupid broadcaster telling the story from the wrong place.

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