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Asian Arcade
Put enough money in those arcade games and maybe you can do this.

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Bean Bag Office
Try replacing those uncomfortable office chairs with bean bags.

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Dealing with the Public
Here's a series of amusing 9-1-1 calls that have the operators stumped.

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Extreme Pole Dancing
Fitness fans might like to try this during their next workout.  This guy is unbelievable!

5.1 Mb
Magic with an egg, lemon and orange
Amazing magic in a grocery store.  Must see to believe.

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Mr. Woo
Video of a very talented soccer player showing his stuff.

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Office Crew Team
Breaking up the monotony of their office chores, this group will amuse you.

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Speed Shooter
8 rounds in 1 second - this guy is good!

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Whistle Tip Exhaust
This replaces the glass-pack muffler for today's youth.

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Street Drummer
This young man must be from D.C., the street drummer capitol of the world.

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Super Wave
Unbelievable is the best way to describe this.  Surfers kill for this kind of action.

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The Price is Right
TPIR contestant happier than a pig in mud.

1.1 Mb
The Tough Guy
Take 'em all on.  This tough guy is ready to fight.

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