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Calling it Quits
Crowd gathers as some attempt to talk this guy down from the top of a train.  Then he make good on his threat.

2.0 Mb
Capoeira Fighter Gets Knocked Out
Video that demonstrates that showing off can be harmful to your health.

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Corvette Out of Control
During one of those parking lot race events, this Corvette loses it striking onlookers.

2.4 Mb
Failed Rescue
While attempting a rescue, the line breaks and both parties fall.

4.8 Mb
Fireworks Factory Accident
An apparent fire and subsequent explosions at a fireworks factory.

1.2 Mb
Gas Station Fire
Maybe caused by a cell phone or static electricity, the gas tanker driver has a bad day.

521 Kb
Japanese Landslide
Amazing footage of a Japanese landslide.

449 Kb
Kayaking with Killer Whales
The title says it all.  Not a good idea.

1.1 Mb
Loading a Bike
Surely this isn't real, but it is truly amazing.

4.7 Mb
Nascar Crash
Here's the real reason people flock to NASCAR events.

287 Kb
Pay Attention
Worker saws through a support only to have it strike him in the head.

1.6 Mb
Pedestrian Hit by Race Car
Race car goes out of control and meets up with a pedestrian on the sidelines.
People Vs. Winter
Ice-induced pavement pile-up's, out of control vehicles, winter fail wipeouts and the usual death defiers.  Nobody was hurt in the making of this video apart from the people who were hurt.

487 Kb
Pole Fall
One worker attempting to retrieve another with tragic results.

4.8 Mb
Sledgehammer Explosives
The title says it all, don't try this at home or work.

505 Kb
Snow Ass Fire
During an interview, a naked man with his ass on fire comes into view.

1.7 Mb
Spanish Getaway
After negotiating for a motorcycle in exchange for hostages, our would-be crook has a surprise waiting for him just ahead.

2.8 Mb
That's Life
Set to the song of the same name, this video shows the trials that a number of folks have endured.

960 Kb
The Foot Swing
Our actor's foot doesn't release from his foot hold causing him to swing back into the stone cliff.

1.7 Mb
Third World Bomb Squad
Finding a suspicious case, local law enforcement set out to investigate with grave results.

2.0 Mb
Thrown from Vehicle
High speed crash that sends this vehicle over the medial barrier, ejecting the driver into oncoming traffic.

4.4 Mb
You Ain't James Bond Baby!
This is a collection of mishaps (some disturbing) that have occurred to racecar drivers, skateboarders and others engaged in extreme activities.

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