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The Story of OSHA
This film tells workers how OSHA was set up to stem the tide of disease, injury, and death, and what their rights are under the law.  It explains the role of NIOSH, how OSHA standards are set, and how OSHA investigates complaints and seeks abatement.
Asbestos Tragedy Libby Montana 2004
Processed vermiculite from the WR Grace Libby MT Mine contained tremolite, a form of asbestos, that was allowed to contaminate local homes and has caused hundreds of cases of asbestos-related disease in this small mountain town.  Since November, 1999, the US EPA has cleaned up the major source areas of contamination around town.  The US EPA is now cleaning up smaller sources found in a variety of places such as around homes and businesses.  EPA conducts stringent clearance sampling after cleanup and has begun some targeted sampling to measure the effectiveness of cleanup several months later.  In February 2005, seven executives and managers of W. R. Grace were indicted on ten federal criminal counts of knowingly endangering residents of Libby, and concealing information about the health effects of its mining operations.  The defendants are also accused of obstructing the government's cleanup efforts and wire fraud.
Voices from the Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident 1979
This clip is a collection of voices from press conferences, radio shows and interviews after the accident at the Three Mile Island Unit 2 nuclear power plant near Middletown, Pennsylvania, on March 28, 1979.  This was the most serious accident occurring in a U.S. operating commercial nuclear power plant.  The accident was caused by a combination of personnel error, design deficiencies, and component failures.
OSHA PowerPoint Presentations
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Worker to Worker
A film showing the many kinds of safety and health problems that workers encounter on the job.  Workers talk about OSHA and NIOSH and their experience in convincing others that they don't want to shut the plant down they just want a safe work environment.
Can't Take No More
A quick paced history of occupational health and safety in the U.S. from the Industrial Revolution to the 1970s, with great old film footage and narrated by Studs Terkel.
OSHA Construction Videos
12 animated videos from OSHA discussing safe practices for the construction industry.
Floor Openings Fixed Scaffolds
Bridge Decking Reroofing
Soil Classification Pulling Cables
Laying Stone Vehicle Back-over
Swinging Cranes Carbon Monoxide

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