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2008 Movie Premier for The Express
About the legacy of Syracuse football great, Ernie Davis, from Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

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24-Hour World Airline Traffic
Displays in quick time the number of planes in the air in a 24-hour period.

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Closing a bag without a bag clip
Demonstrates how to keeps those chips fresh without using a clip.

4.0 Mb
Combination Lock Hack
Video of how to open a combination lock with a sliver of aluminum.  Another product/industry bites the dust.

500 Kb
How to effortlessly peel an egg
Here's one for you remote control vehicle addicts.  Makes you wonder if this RC car survived the trip.

4.3 Mb
How to remove a cork from a bottle
This could have been tragic if attempted a few yards further away from the crowd on this narrow street.

1.1 Mb
How to tell if your anchorman is city folk
Hilarious gaff by a news anchorman when describing cattle which got loose after a truck accident.
How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew
Using just three ingredients, wine bottle, a shoe, and a solid wall, you too can do what this guy's doing.
How to Tie a Forehand Knot Tie
Demonstrates how to tie a simple forehand knot.
10 Things The World Is Running Out Of
The world is our oyster.  Well, unfortunately, thatís the attitude that we have had for far too long and itís the very attitude that has put us in a rather regrettable situation when it comes to some of our natural resources.  These are 10 things the world is running out of.
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Launching Ships
Ever wonder how they get those big boats in the water?

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Jailhouse Rock in the Philippines
The story about the reforms made by warden Byron Garcia at the CPDRC prison in Cebu, Philippines which includes dance performance by the prison population.

4.1 Mb
Printer Ink Cartridge Secret
Here's a tip for extending the life of those expensive ink-jet printer cartridges.

309 Mb
Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance
Red explains the meaning of the words which make up our Pledge of Allegiance.

The Mom Song
Placed in this category for lack of a better place.  This woman has terrific lung capacity.
How to Tie a Windsor Knot Tie
Demonstrates how to tie the slightly more complicated windsor knot.


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