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Red, White and Blue by SSgt. Brawley
Video by SSgt. Brawley to the Toby Keith song, Angry American.

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Sago Mine Disaster Tribute
Photos and song to honor the victims of the Sago Mine Explosion.  See more about the Sago Mine Disaster.
Milford Mine Disaster of 1924
This song tells about Milka Magdich who lost her husband, Peter, one of 41 underground iron ore miners who perished in the Milford Mine Disaster in February 1924.  Only seven of 48 who were working 165 feet down in the underground mine managed to safely escape.  The night before the accident Milka had a dream that something bad was going to happen at the mine.  She pleaded with her husband to stay home from work that day.  Peter brushed off her concern as only a dream and told her everything would be ok.  Fifteen minutes before their shift would have concluded, the mine was flooded when the earthen walls came crashing in on the workers because they encroached too closely to nearby Foley Lake.  See more about the Milford Mine Inundation.
Muddy Coal Mine
The inspiration for the song "Muddy Coal Mine" by Rocky Alvey.
Westray Mine Song
by Ronnie McEwan
Ludlow Massacre
by Woody Guthrie
Coal Miner's Hands
by Blackwater Outlaw
Coal Miner Visual
by Shelley Lynch

Coal Miners' Song
by Jimmy Joe Lee
Hard Rock Miner
Miners' Prayer
by Dwight Yoakam
by John Prine
Tell God and the Devil
by Solas
The Ballad of Springhill
Tribute To Underground Miners
West Virginia Underground
by Taylor Made
West Virginia Mine Disaster
by Jean Ritchie
Henry Russell's Last Words
by Diana Jones

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