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President Obama Eulogizes Upper Big Branch Miners
The President and the Vice President were in West Virginia attending a memorial service for the miners lost in the tragedy at Upper Big Branch mine.  MORE
Quecreek: Critical Decisions
On July 24, 2002 coal miners broke through into an abandoned, water-filled mine flooding the Quecreek Mine with over 150 million gallons of water.  Nine miners scrambled to safety, but nine were trapped in a pocket of air in the dark, cold, water filled mine.  They were rescued four days later through the combined efforts of state and federal mine rescue agencies and hundreds of workers and volunteers.
Ron Wooten on Sago investigation, findings
Emily Corio interviews Ron Wooten, the director of the West Virginia Office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training, on the state's investigation into the Sago disaster.  This segment aired Jan. 4, 2007, on the West Virginia PBS program "Outlook."  MORE
Dotiki Mine Fire
This video describes an underground coal fire, the actions of the miners, the efforts of management, and the assistance and experience of the Mine Safety and Health Administration.  The video reviews the relationship between management and government to reach a common goal.

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Lake Peigneur Salt Mine Disaster
Video of the Lake Peigneur Salt Mine disaster.

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Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster
This is a graphic portrayal from MSHA which provides the probable cause of the Upper Big Branch Mine disaster in West Virginia on April 5, 2010 which killed 29 miners.  MORE
You Are My Sunshine
"You Are My Sunshine" tells the story of the Sunshine Mine Disaster of 1972 through the eyes of 27 people who lived through it. The video explores what happened, what went wrong, and what were the lessons learned. The Sunshine Fire was the catalyst for the Metal/Nonmetal Health and Safety Act of 1977, which put in place the MNM regulations we currently have in this country. This video describes in vivid detail what happened during this tragic and historic event which cost the lives of 91 miners.  MORE
Monongah 1907 Mine Disaster
This short clip is from Davitt McAteer's 1985 25-minutes video - Monongah 1907.  The entire video, rich with detail about this disaster also traces the development of mine safety laws in the US.  MORE
Modern Marvels: The Buffalo Creek Disaster
On Febrary 26, 1972, a coal waste impoundment near Man, WV gave way, killing 125 and injuring more than a thousand others.  More than 4,000 people were left homeless.  MORE
Wilberg Mine Fire
Former Emery County Sheriff Lamar Guymon reflects on the Wilberg disaster of 1984.  MORE

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1971 Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Disaster at Barnett Complex
Two brothers, William and Philip Long, entered an area of the mine and were subsequently overcome by Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas.  An additional 5 employees made several attempts to reach the Long brothers and bring them to fresh air.  After finally reaching the downed brothers and loading them onto a locomotive to bring them out, they too were overcome and killed by the toxic gas.  MORE

Sheppton Disaster 50 Years Later
A Topic A television show on WYLN-TV about the famous Sheppton Mine disaster and rescue which occurred in August 1963.  MORE
1968 Farmington Mine Disaster
A recap of the historic Farmington Mine Disaster in West Virginia featuring vintage news clips and interviews.  This event brought about the Health and Safety Act of 1969 and lauched a new era in mine safety.  MORE
Quecreek Mine
The Quecreek Coal mine in Pennsylvania is flooded when miners accidentally break through to an abandoned mine.
Crandall Canyon Mine Disaster
Photo and musical tribute to the nine miners lost in the Crandall Canyon Mine Collapse in Huntinton, Utah.  MORE
Buffalo Creek Disaster
Buffalo Creek Disaster in Logan County, West Virginia.  Flood that killed 125 in 1972.  MORE
Oil Driller Breaches Salt Mine Under Louisana Lake
This is how you flush an entire lake down a hole.  An exploratory drilling exercise miscalculates the location of a salt mine while drilling through a lake bed.  The mine is hit, and the oil derrick, the mine, the lake, and a few barges are a total loss.
Texas City Explosions
On April 16, 1947 the S.S. Grandcamp, with a cargo of ammonium nitrate, exploded in the Texas City harbor. That night, the S.S. High Flyer also exploded in what became known as the Texas City Disaster.
Sago Mine Package
Events that unfolded at the Sago Mines in West Virginia, January 2006.  MORE
Sago Mine Victims' Families Speak Out
Watch highlights of family members of miners killed in the Jan. 2006 explosion at the Sago Mine in West Virginia.  MORE
House Democrats Introduce Updated Mine Safety Legislation
At a May 16, 2006 Capitol Hill press conference, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives introduced comprehensive legislation to improve safety in America's coal mines.  The lawmakers were joined by family members of miners killed in the explosion at the Sago Mine in Upshur County, West Virginia, in January 2006.  MORE

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Missing Miners Found Dead in a Copper Mine
A rescue team is sent to search for missing miners in a sulfide copper mine.  The men and their machine are found dead in an unventilated opening, victims of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
Dawson, New Mexico Remembered
The 1913 coal mine explosion at Dawson NM that took 263 lives still stands as the second largest mining accident in US History.  In October 2013, AHEPA chapters in the US remembered the disaster and the Greek miners who were a major part of the mining industry in the US.   MORE

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