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Breaking a bottle the hard way
The recipient has agreed to allow the other to break a bottle on his head - without success.

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Close call with a speeding train
Hell bent on beating the train, this nut starts then stops on a rail crossing.  Starts again and nearly gets clipped.

9.3 Mb
Download Warning
Crazy video warning against downloading music.

1.2 Mb
Drunk Again!
It's never a good idea to duplicate the breaking table move you see wrestlers do.

1.1 Mb
Hard to Watch Acrobat
Watching this nucklehead will make you cringe.

3.6 Mb
Idiot of the Week
Here's yet another bonehead that feels the need to get close to nature - nature that has teeth!

1.7 Mb
Idiots at a Car Wash
Here we find two car washers attempting to wrangle the high pressure hose - without success.

861 Kb
Loading a Bobcat
Here's a slick, albeit unsafe way of loading a Bobcat onto a truck without the luxury of the use of ramps.

4.8 Mb
Morons Who Don't Look
Not for the squeamish, this video contain a collection of disasterous scenes that will make you cringe.

2.0 Mb
Motorist Welcome
Not so funny when you know this is probably real.  Crazy black man takes a pipe to PT Cruiser stopped at a traffic light.

1.8 Mb
Must be a death wish
Motorcyclist drives around a very nasty and deep looking hole.  Breathtaking!

2.4 Mb
Not Extreme Enough?
It doesn't get any more extreme than this.  Maybe some of you engineers can calculate the G-force which occurs at lift-off.

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Nutty Knife Trick Gone Wrong
Here's one you won't want to try at home.

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Popular New Ride at the Texas State Fair
4 whacko characters perform a see-saw act trying to avoid an enraged bull.

4.1 Mb
Robbie Maddisons Record Jump
Self explanatory.

2.1 Mb
Stuntman takes a lengthy spill
Caught in the camera lens of a family while on an outing, a stuntman falls off a ladder then tumbles down a long flight of concrete steps, only to get hit by a car when he reaches the street at the bottom.  Watch what happens next!

676 Kb
The Bungee Jumper
Most definitely not real, but this video shows a bungee jumper diving into a croc infested lake.

1.4 Mb
Tumbling on a high speed treadmill
Not sure what the desired outcome is, but this hairbrain stunt is a dismal failure.

4.8 Mb
Watermellon Challenge
You decide who's nuttier as you watch target-boy don a watermellon and let another whacko shoot at it with a .50 caliber sniper rifle.

545 Kb
World's Luckiest Man
Watch this guy use up at least 2 of his 9 lives.
Truckers View of Idiots
Short video from a truckers point of view.  It's a wonder how some people have lived this long.

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