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How to Lose a Girlfriend
Here's a not-so-funny video clip of what can result from horseplay.  The driver of a motorcyle does a "wheely" with dire consequences.

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Texas Ditch Surfing
Much can go awry here as we observe teens being pulled by a car as they surf in a watery ditch.

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Cylinder Propulsion
Here we see guy strap a compressed gas cylinder to his back and another applies a hammer to the valve assembly.

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Caterpillar Horseplay
In what looks like a heavy equipment rodeo of some kind, here's a skillful front-end loader operator taking his machine through its paces.

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House Jumping
Here's one for you remote control vehicle addicts.  Makes you wonder if this RC car survived the trip.

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Motorcycle Showoff
This could have been tragic if attempted a few yards further away from the crowd on this narrow street.

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Motorcycle Death Wish
Wheelies and 4-lane highways don't mix.

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Hydraulic Horseplay
Workers with too much idle time on their hands try out this robotic thing-a-ma-jig.

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Remote Controlled Fishing
Adding some fun to the boring activity of fishing with a remote-controlled boat.

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Stupidity with Trains
Here's another Darwin Award candidate.

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Instant Karma - Darwin Finalist
Here's a knucklehead that thinks it cool to give a head slap to a bicycle rider.  If he lived through this, he won't be trying it again.

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Hope he's a stuntman!
This guy's taking entirely too many risks.

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No Man Should Ever Make This Sound
Hilarious video shows (and hears) this guy getting a major surprise.

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Face Burning Trick
Watch this knucklehead show you how to catch your face on fire.

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Pickup truck full of people crashes
Not sure if you should let people ride in the back of a pickup.  Watch what happens to these folks.

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Merry-Go-Round Lunacy
If they live long enough, these nitwits may end up working for NASA.

5.0 Mb
Football (Soccer) Star
Soccer kick brings down the house - and a worker.  Surely edited to produce this effect, but illustrates the horseplay point very well.

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How Do YOU Test Your Airbags?
You might not want to do it like these numbskulls.

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There is Trouble When You Scare Me
This is for Halloween.  The one doing the scaring gets the wrong reaction.

3.7 Mb
Wife Cleaning a Gun
The title may have you worried, as it did me.  No one fatally injured in this one though.

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