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Family Man Technical Review
This video is about a construction worker, his worn harness, and damaged compressed gas cylinders.  Boom!  There he goes!

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Know the Hazard Exists
That's half the battle!  This video shows a variety of people engaged in a variety of activities that can produce injury.

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Unlicensed Builders
Funny to watch but surely painful for our actors engaged in a variety of do-it-yourself jobs.

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The Chef
Observe this female chef transporting a large pot of boiling liquid, until she slips on the greasy floor.  Yikes!

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Awareness Test
Try this awareness test to see how sharp you are.

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Hole in the Ice
Here's a video you can use to stress the importance of pre-operation checks and preshift examinations.

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Garbage Man Love
This video shows why we should always pay attention to our surroundings.

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Glacier Tsunami
Higher resolution clip of the glacier that fell and swept onlookers away in a wall of water - very cold water.
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Anyone Missing a Tire
This video points out, in a painful way, the importance of paying attention to your surroundings.  There's been much discussion as to the role the woman played in this clip.  See what you think.

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Guy Gets Run Over
Just like the story about the snake handler.  Never turn your back on 'em.  They will bite.  So goes it in your workplace.

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The Yellow Corvette
Foreign Dish Network commercial where a vette driver has his passenger door demolished by a passing bus.

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5 Levels of Lucky
If you're prone to put yourself in harm's way as these folks are, you better hope you fall into one of these levels of lucky.

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Pay attention, Dad!
A dad pushing his daughter on a swing gets distracted.

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Iron Ball Takes Out Mini-Van
Watch this big demolition ball smack the stuffing out of this mini-van.
Fatal Mistakes (1999)
This video discusses safety precautions necessary when operating or interacting with Off Highway Trucks.
People Vs. Winter
Ice-induced pavement pile-up's, out of control vehicles, winter fail wipeouts and the usual death defiers.  Nobody was hurt in the making of this video apart from the people who were hurt.
Protect Kids from a Furniture Tip-Over
A video from State Farm Insurance.  Help prevent heavy household items from falling and injuring children.

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