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Rush Hour Traffic
Here's a humorous commercial clip to take your mind off the frigid temps of winter.

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Bottle Openers
Face-off in a bar to determine the toughest beer opener.

2.5 Mb
German Coast Guard Operator
This German coast guard opertor might do well to improve his language skills.

2.4 Mb
Clydesdale Snow Fight
The older Clydedales gets the last laugh on his younger counterparts.

1.3 Mb
Transformer Car
Cool car ad video of a vehicle transforming and dancing.

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Voodoo Beer Ad
Girl performs voodoo on a doll making this fellow thirty.  She's in for a surprise!

3.5 Mb
Honda Commercial - Engineer's Mousetrap
This is a Rube Goldberg - like design to advertise a Honda station wagon.  Pretty awesome.

10.8 Mb
Gorilla Gripper Commercial I
Commercial video about a product, "Gorilla Gripper", touted to improve plywood handling.

41 Mb
Gorilla Gripper Commercial II
Commercial video about a product, "Gorilla Gripper", touted to improve plywood handling.

1.9 Mb
Andy's Flat Tire
In this commercial for run flat tires, our safe motorist overlooks one thing.

3.5 Mb
The Wild West on Shetland Ponies
What the wild west would have been like using Shetland ponies.

1.4 Mb
Sports Fan
Enthusiastic fan watching TV at home get a little too carried away with the game.

1.3 Mb
Good Dog
Humorous beer commercial you probably won't see on Superbowl Sunday.

587 Kb
Invisible Fencing
Humorous Budweiser commercial with the addition of an invisible fence.  But it's not for the family pet.

6.4 Mb
Disappearing Car Door
Cool technology from Jatech - a disappearing car door.

2.6 Mb
Secret to a Good Marriage
Another classic from Budweiser.

5.8 Mb
1965 Chevy - Bonanza Commercial
Flash from the past!  A 1965 Chrevrolet commercial featuring the stars of Bonanza and other popular TV shows of the era.

887 Kb
Budweiser Ad I
Self explanatory.

462 Kb
Budweiser Ad II
Self explanatory.

643 Kb
Budweiser Ad III
Self explanatory.

641 Kb
Budweiser Ad IV
Self explanatory.

1.4 Mb
Hamlet (cigars) Ferrari
Humorous clip of Mr. Cool in his sporty and expensive Ferrari trying to catch the attention of a pretty girl.

724 Kb
Bear Pole
Funny message telling us not to approach wildlife from the USGS.

2.2 Mb
Safe driving ad for cycle riders cautioning them to THINK when they ride.

5.0 Mb
Three Reasons to Quit Drinking
Hilarious ads from a Root Beer maker.

694 Kb
Humorous Bud Lite Ad No. 1
Funny ad about 2 outdoorsmen that can't get enough Bud Lite.

661 Kb
Humorous Foreign Beer Ad
Humorous foreign beer ad with a beautiful woman that gets all the guys' attention.

910 Kb
Humorous Bud Lite Ad No. 2
Funny ad using sky divers to get your attention.

237 Kb
Humorous Amstel Lite Ad
Humous ad in an office setting to tout the the beer's mouth watering ability.

1.1 Mb
Humorous Hunters Beer Ad
Funny ad with two guys and an outdoor swimming pool.

449 Kb
Beware of boats made in October
Funny video, this time involving a boat made in October.

2.5 Mb
Flying Penguin
Cool Pepsi ad featuring a Chin-strap Penguin.

4.0 Mb
Compilation of Great Tequila Commercials
Humorous collection of this tequila companies better commercials.

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John West Shark Commercial
Funny clip promoting this product using sharks.

2.5 Mb
John West Salmon Fishing Commercial
Funny clip promoting this product using bears and salmon.

2.2 Mb
Doritos Commercial
This dog gets a little payback in this Doritos ad.

3.1 Mb
Monkeys Arriving at Work
Hilarious ad with a guy getting his car sandwiched in by two carloads of chimps arriving to work.

3.0 Mb
Snickers Super Bowl Ad
One of the funnier ones in 2011.  Really enjoy seeing Roseanne Barr get flattened.

1.0 Mb
Ever Become Fixated?
Some may think itís a blonde thing.

1.3 Mb
Reflexes Working Fine
Humorous ad with a pretty girl and a young male doctor.

4.9 Mb
Angus Beef Commercial
Funny ad featuring Scotsmen in kilts.


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