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How's Your Day Going?
This video commercial follows a beautiful woman through a series of catastrophies.

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How to change a VW belt
Here's a non-sanctioned and definitely not recommended way of doing this.

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Man in the Kitchen
Similar to the one with the woman having a bad day, this time it's a man in the kitchen.
SLAM for Life - MSHA Risk Assessment
MSHA employees, as well as mining personnel, face many hazards at home, in the office, and at the mine site.  When accidents occur, many of them fall into these categories: lifting; slips, trips, and falls; and mounting and dismounting equipment.  This training DVD will help you to recognize these types of hazards.

SLAM Risks - The Video
Part 2 of 2 Parts.  DVD012 - 2005 - SLAM Risks Instructional Guide including "SLAM Risks" the video.
The SLAM Risks Process
Part 1 of 2 Parts.  DVD012 - 2005 - SLAM Risks Instructional Guide including "SLAM Risks" the video.
Protect Kids from a Furniture Tip-Over
A video from State Farm Insurance.  Help prevent heavy household items from falling and injuring children.
Accident Prevention PDF Files
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Accident Prevention PowerPoint Presentations
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Slips, Trips, and Falls
Various types of slip/trip/fall accidents are depicted -- at surface mines, plants, on dredges, and in offices.  This video stresses the importance of workers thinking safety -- and being alert, observant, and cautious.  Special emphasis is placed on proper climbing procedures (ladders, stairways); good housekeeping (cleaning spills, removing tripping objects); and following company safety rules.  Concluding message is that the best way to prevent slip, trip, and fall accidents is through effective safety training, combined with safe work practices.  Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection.
It's Not Just About Me
Hear a motivational, true-life experience of how LIFE can change in the blink of an eye.  Tony uses humor and real-life stories to share how he is living as a blind person in a sighted world.  Hear how he feels blessed to be alive as he shares his message of Triumph over Tragedy!
Safety First Mineral Mining
Virginia DMME inspectors discuss tips to stay safe while working on a mine site or quarry.


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