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 1_arc_flash_movie.wmv 534296 WMV File
 2_500kV_Switch.mpeg 1596588 MPEG File
 3_480VArcFlash1.wmv 4045764 WMV File
 4_3ph_arc_500kV_SWITCH.MPG 1289820 MPG File
 5_XfrmBlast1.mpeg 5237868 MPEG File
 DonniesAccident.wmv 13423428 WMV File
 Electrical_accident.pdf 120056 PDF File
 Electrical_Satire_on_Basic_Electricity_Concepts.wmv 6229712 WMV File
 electric_fence.mpg 338564 MPG File
 electric_locos.wmv 4860653 WMV File
 highpowerworker.wmv 4988567 WMV File
 index.asp 33602 ASP File
 LugoSWR.MPG 1596588 MPG File
 poletopdrop.WMV 567992 WMV File
 shock[1].mpeg 678368 MPEG File