2016 NMRA Post 6 Contest (1-10)
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1. Prior to using the BioPak 240 Revolution it must be determined that the user is _________ fit.

2. Do not open the cylinder valve in the presence of open flame, _________ or high radiant heat.

3. The use of a SCBA will add to the workload and stress of the _________.

4. A foreign _________ may cause cylinder corrosion.

5. DOT requires carbon fiber wrapped aluminum cylinders be tested by an approved facility on a __-year cycle from the date of manufacture.

6. The fiber optic cable may only be __________ to the BioPak 240R remote gauge assembly.

7. ___________ after completion of BioPak use, remove the used CO2 scrubber canisters.

8. Use only _________ and disinfectants that are approved by Biomarine.

9. Remove the oxygen cylinder making sure the seal _________ remains in place and install the regulator cover.

10. C.O.P.D. could limit or _________ the use of the BioPak 240 Revolution.

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