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1.  When testing the Dräger detector tube bellows pump for leaks, which of the following best describes the proper procedure?

  1. Squeeze bellows completely closed with an open gas tube inserted and time 30 seconds for the bellows to return to their complete relaxed state.
  2. Visually inspect the bellows for cuts tears and holes, then collapse them several times to flush out any contaminated air that may be stored. Visually inspect the unit again, reset the sample counter and fully collapse the bellows to ensure the internal scissors spring is evenly pushing the bellows back into their original position.
  3. Insert an unopened tube and see if the bellows remain in the collapsed position for 30 seconds. Attach to a polymeter to test for proper intake flow.
  4. Insert an unopened Dräger-Tube and squeeze the pump completely. After releasing, the position of the pump body should not change within one minute. Squeeze the pump completely. After releasing, the pump must open instantly.

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