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How To Use the Translation Features of PowerPoint
This how-to video will walk you through everything you need to know to get started using the translation features of PowerPoint.  For more information on using Translator with Microsoft PowerPoint, visit here.
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Stay Out Stay Alive: Mines are not Playgrounds
Each year, dozens of people are injured or killed in accidents that occur at active and abandoned mines.

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Stay Out Stay Alive
Presentation warning us to avoid active and abandoned mines.

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Stay Out Stay Alive
Presentation from MSHA warning us to avoid active and abandoned mines.

Chevy Blazer Plummets Into Abandoned Anthracite Mine Shaft
On the evening of Saturday, April 28, 1984, six young people went for a drive into the hills outside of Llewellyn, located in eastern Pennsylvania, an area popular for SUVs and off-road vehicles.  Failing to return home on Sunday, friends and relatives began to search for them.  The State Police were notified on Monday (4/30) and the search intensified.

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