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How To Use the Translation Features of PowerPoint
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22 slides
Presentation cover solvents and regulations and precautions for safe handling.

41 slides
Working Safely with Solvents
Solvents are liquid chemicals that are used to dissolve oils, greases and paints, or are ingredients in paints, glues, epoxy resins, mastics, inks and pesticides.

27 slides
Presentation heavy on the different classes of solvents and their chemistry.

31 slides
Health Hazards of Solvents
Provides an overview of occupational solvent exposure, impact of solvent exposures on the working population, and lists the occupations where solvent exposure is most likely to occur.

41 slides
Exposure to organic solvents and health in developing countries
Organic solvents are a group of volatile compound that are relatively stable and used for extraction, dissolving or suspending materials not soluble in water.

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