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This how-to video will walk you through everything you need to know to get started using the translation features of PowerPoint.  For more information on using Translator with Microsoft PowerPoint, visit here.
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12 slides
2010 Fatality Review
A review of the rash of powered haulage fatalities which occurred in 2010.

Alberta Oil Patch
PPT show containing photos of a transportation nightmare presumably from Alberta, Canada.  No other description is available.

6 slides
Boulder's Too Big!
Photos of a haul truck loaded with a boulder that's just too damn big.

23 slides
Dump Truck Overturned at Plant Quarry
A dump truck overturned at the limestone stock pile because the crest of stock pile was collapsed.  Based on the interview, the dump truck reached crest of stock pile to dump the limestone, slid and overturned when the operator was about to dump limestone at the crest of stock pile.

6 slides
Haul Truck vs. Pickup
The haul truck operator never saw the pickup and the pickup went under the right side of the haul truck.  The haul truck operator stated that she felt "something“ and stopped.

Kings of Logistics
Photos fill this PPS about the various and unusual ways people transport materials and goods.
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52 slides
New Miner Alert & Powered Haulage
The first half of this presentation reviews accident statistics for a recent 5-year period providing information on "new miner" accidents and fatalities.  The second half includes information and photos covering several powered haulage accidents.

24 slides
Safety Practices Around Shuttle Cars and Scoops
Presentation to combat the growing number of mine accident where persons are struck by shuttle cars and scoops.

15 slides
Traffic Control Guidelines
All kinds and sizes of vehicles travel roads at mine operations.  These vehicles are operated by drivers who travel the mine roads on a daily basis, very infrequently, or even for the first time.
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