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Category: Asbestos

28 slides
Asbestos Illustrations
This presentation includes photos of materials containing asbestos.

34 slides
Asbestos Risk Management
Between the 1950s and 1970s asbestos was used widely in the UK as building materials.  Thousands of tonnes of asbestos are still in buildings today.  Over 1.5 million buildings still contain some form of asbestos.

33 slides
Asbestos Awareness
Before starting a project make sure that asbestos-containing material will not be disturbed.  If you encounter suspect material when performing work STOP immediately and contact EH&S before proceeding.

16 slides
Asbestos: Employee Information and Training
Discusses methods and precautions for the safe handling of asbestos materials.

75 slides
OSHA’s Asbestos Standard
Covers asbestos exposure in all work as defined in 1910.12(b), regardless of the type of worksite or location.

21 slides
Asbestos Abatement Projects
Discusses methods and precautions for the safe handling of asbestos materials.

21 slides
Asbestos Awareness Training
East Carolina University's presentation on asbestos awareness.

12 slides
Asbestos: Health Effects and Risk
Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has crystallised to form long thin fibres and fibre bundles (silicate fibres).

52 slides
Asbestos Awareness
Asbestos is a serious health hazard commonly found in our environment today.  This module is designed to provide an overview of asbestos and its associated hazards.

13 slides
Asbestos Awareness
Covers the health risks and source locations of asbestos.

13 slides
Asbestos Awareness
Asbestos is a fibrous material.  It occurs naturally in many parts of the world.  There are 3 main types: CHRYSOTILE - WHITE ASBESTOS; AMOSITE - BROWN ASBESTOS; CROCIDOLITE - BLUE ASBESTOS

20 slides
Asbestos Control Program
In the body, asbestos fibers can become embedded in the tissues of the respiratory tract (alveoli) or the digestive system.  Twenty to 40 years before symptoms appear to asbestos exposure.

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