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Accidental Releases of Slurry and Water from Coal Impoundments
Contains a discussion on several cases involving the accidental release of slurry and water from coal impoundments.

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MSHA Coal Mine Impoundment Inspection Handbook
This handbook sets forth procedures for the inspection of coal mine impoundments and procedures for review of impoundment plans at sites inspected by MSHA.

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Coal Impoundment Construction using the Upstream Method
Fine coal refuse is transported to an impoundment in slurry form and discharged along the upstream toe of an existing embankment.  The deposited fine refuse eventually forms a beach near the existing embankment and above the pool elevation.  In upstream construction, this beach is used as the foundation for subsequent embankment stages.

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Impoundment Study Guide
Bullet list containing definitions and statements of fact for impoundment training.

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Tailings Impoundment Failures: Are Geotechnical Engineers Listening?
Mine tailings impoundment failures are occurring at relatively high rates.  Worldwide, the mining industry has experienced several impoundment failures per year over the past 30 years.
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Sample Monthly Impoundment Inspection Form
Self explanatory.

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Sample Weekly Impoundment Inspection Form
Self explanatory.

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Design and Construction of Water Impounding Plugs
This guide is about the design and construction of watertight (hydrostatic) plugs in working mines.  It sets out good engineering practice in relation to the design and construction of such plugs to guarantee their long-term security and in so doing avoid risks to workers from the rapid flooding that would follow a catastrophic failure of a plug or the strata around it.

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