Bearclaw Mine Rescue Problem Animation
You are located on the surface.  The mine was driving in the direction of the old, abandoned Wildcat No. 2 Mine with plans to connect and cross the three entries of the 1 Left Panel to mine a large reserve of coal on the other side.  The No. 1 entry of the Bearclaw Mine had mined into the old 1 Left Panel of the Wildcat No. 2 Mine.  A six man crew and foreman entered the Bearclaw Mine at 12:01 a.m. to finish mining the Nos. 2 and 3 faces into the old 1 Left Panel and do rehabilitation in the Wildcat No. 2 Mine, 1 Left Panel.  At 4:30 a.m., the foreman came from the mine and said they had just finished mining the No. 2 face into the old 1 Left Panel and while backing the miner out to go to the No. 3 face, a rush of flames and pressure came from the direction of the old 1 Left Panel which knocked him over.  The foreman became disoriented and looked for his crew members but could not find them at which time he came outside to get help.  The mine is ventilated by an exhaust fan.  The mine fan is off and once started cannot be turned off, reversed or put into a stall.  The mine has a history of unsafe roof, water and methane.  Rescue Team A has explored the old 1 Left Panel from the surface but was unable to enter the Bearclaw Mine due to unsafe roof conditions and seals being built to isolate the old mine.  Rescue Team B has explored 1 Left Panel from an intake shaft using an emergency hoist but was also unable to enter the Bearclaw Mine due to unsafe roof conditions and time limitations.  Rescue Teams C and D are available to build and/or remove ventilation structures with the exceptions of overcast in areas that have been explored by Rescue Teams A and B.  You may request assistance from them through the Superintendent.  Each request for assistance, regardless of the number of builds or removals, will take two minutes.  The team will mark the changes on the maps, initial the map, and present the map to the Superintendent who will notify them when the changes are completed.  No additional work, including exploration, will be permitted during this two minute period; however apparatus checks can be made.  Rescue Teams A and B will serve as backup while you are working.  Maps of the areas explored were prepared by both "A" and "B" Teams.  All electrical circuits inby the fresh air base have been de-energized.  The coal seam is walking height, and the roof is supported by roof bolts.  We have a competent lifeline person to give and return signals.