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2016 Tennessee Regional Mine Rescue Contest Results

Mine Rescue Teams Put Skills to the Test in Tennessee
Tennessee Dept. Of Labor
May 11, 2016
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When a mining accident takes place, the quick action of rescuers can mean the difference between life and death for miners trapped underground.  A regional contest in Tennessee tested the teams charged with saving lives below ground, at a momentís notice.

On Thursday some of the most skilled metal/nonmetal mine rescue teams from Tennessee, and surrounding areas, competed in a regional mine rescue contest at the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Developmentís (TDLWD) Mine Safety Unit office in Caryville, TN.

The TDLWD sponsored the regional contest that brought in four teams, and 40 mine rescuers, from Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee for the day-long competition.

Teams from Nyrstar in Strawberry Plains, Carmeuse in Luttrell, Carmeuse in Macon, Georgia, and the Eastern Kentucky Firedogs took part in the contest.

Mine rescue contests are designed to sharpen the skills and test the knowledge of teams who respond to underground emergencies.  Each team member was required to solve hypothetical problems during a field, first-aid, and technical test, while being timed and observed by judges from the United States Department of Laborís Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).  Each task is evaluated by complex rules set by the organization.

The MSHA judges announced the winners of the East Tennessee regional contest late Thursday afternoon.

Field competition
1st place: Carmeuse - Luttrell Rangers

First-aid competition
1st place: Carmeuse - Luttrell Rangers

Technical competition
1st place: Carmeuse - North Georgia Team Thunder

Winners from regional contests across the United States have the opportunity to compete at the national metals/nonmetals contest held this July in Reno, Nevada.

Tennessee will also host the regional coal mine rescue contest on June 8 and 9, 2016 at Cove Lake State Park in Caryville.