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Category: Hunter Safety
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3.9 Mb
9-1-1 Hunter Emergency Call
Accidental shooting prompts this 9-1-1 call and what follows.

3.0 Mb
Elk That Got Away
Huge elk comes within inches of a motionless hunter that fails to get a shot off.

466 Kb
Moron Shooting a Gun
Here's one of those "don't try this at home" examples.  This idiot should rank high on the Darwin Awards list.

2.3 Mb
Negligent Cop
Like an out-take from Reno 911, this assisting officer nearly shoots the suspect while he's being handcuffed.

858 Kb
Speed Shooter
8 rounds in 1 second - this guy is good!

4.8 Mb
Watermellon Challenge
You decide who's nuttier as you watch target-boy don a watermellon and let another whacko shoot at it with a .50 caliber sniper rifle.

3.4 Mb
Shot close-range in a bullet-proof vest
Here's another Darwin Award recipient.  From the blood coming from this asshole's chest, it looks like the shooter was a little too close.  Medic!
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