2011 North Central Regional Technician Team Exam (1-10)
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1. Carbon dioxide:

2. The following are all properties of sulfur dioxide except:

3. This trio of gases is in the correct sequential order from lowest to highest specific gravity:

4. Radon:

5. The effects of a toxic gas depend on concentration, length of exposure, and:

6. Relative humidity can be measured using a Drager detector tube.

7. With certain types of Drager detector tubes, an inaccurate reading may occur due to high or low humidity.

8. On the Drager detector tube shown below, the color indication is oblique, which means it runs in a slanting direction with respect to the tube's longitudinal axis.  Reading the tube at which location (represented by a, b, and c) would provide the most accurate indication of the concentration of the gas being measured?

9. An occlusive dressing is one that:

10. Read statements a through d below, and circle the letter corresponding to the statement that is false.  If all statements are true, circle e.

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