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Past Metal/Nonmetal National Drager BG-174A Champions
Year Benchman Company Team Name State
National M/NM competitions on the Drager BG-174A were discontinued after 2006.  Bench competitions, however, continued nationally for 1 more year using the Drager BG4 and the Biomarine 240S and 240R models.  In 2010, the Technician Team element was introduced, replacing the Benchman competitions.
2006 Rickey Martin The Doe Run Company Maroon MO
2004 Garry Moore The Doe Run Company Grey MO
2002 Denise Rich Stillwater Mining Company Platinum MT
2000 Richard West Westinghouse TRU-Solutions WIPP Silver NM
1998 Joe Baca Westinghouse TRU-Solutions WIPP Blue NM
1996 Maclane Barton ASARCO Inc. Lead Division MO
1994 Fred Miller Westinghouse TRU-Solutions WIPP NM
1992 Leslie Wareham General Chemical Partners General Chemical WY
1990 Stan Amrine Unocal Mining Division Parachute Creek CO
1988 Karl Sauer Homestake Mining Company Homestake Mine SD
1986 Art Davis Amax Inc. Henderson CO
1984 Steve Yanchunis Cotter Corporation Schwarzwalder CO
1982 Art Davis Amax Inc. Henderson CO
1980 Alan Hermez Anaconda Copper Company Anaconda Copper UT
Rodney Philbrick Union Carbide Pine Creek CA
Willie Davis Rio Algom Corporation Lisbon UT
1978 Ken Johnson Climax Molybdenum Company Climax CO
1976 Steve Murray Bunker Hill Company Bunker Hill ID