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Category: PowerPoint Training Games

12-Pack Ultimate Quiz Show Games  NEW!
The PowerPoint 12-Pack Ultimate Quiz Show Games contain 7 PowerPoint training games based on popular Quiz or Game Shows, 4 popular sport games and one automatic scoring Jeopardy style game.  Just add your own training program questions and you ready to go!
  • Global InJeopardy
  • Let’s Make a Deal Quiz Show
  • Quizopoly
  • Truth or Consequences
  • The Wheel of Color
  • TV Quiz Show
  • Pyramid of the Sun Quiz Show
  • Baseball Quiz Show
  • Football Quiz Show
  • Golf Quiz Show
  • Racing Quiz Show
  • InJeopardy Deluxe Quiz Show
Quiz Show Pro  NEW!
Introducing the new Quiz Show Pro Training Game, the premier Jeopardy style quiz show game designed for teachers and trainers.  The Quiz Show Pro game is guaranteed to add fun, engage your learners and improved overall learning retention for every one of your teaching and training programs.  Training Games Inc. has been developing games for teachers and trainers for over 15 years and we’ve put together a Jeopardy style game that will delight your students is guaranteed to make you “instructor of the year.”  Quiz Show Pro is loaded with tons of new features for teachers and trainers.

Game Overview video    How to Play video
6-Pack Icebreaker/Team Builder
The PowerPoint 6-Pack Icebreaker/Team Builder contains six PowerPoint games and a free Blackjack Ice Breaker game:
  • Crossword Puzzle Game
  • Fun Feud Game
  • Match Game
  • Pyramid Game Show
  • Star Cruiser Game
  • Tropical Ice Breaker
  • Plus BONUS Blackjack Ice Breaker Game
10-Pack Ultimate TV Quiz Show
Make your next training come alive with the exciting and popular quiz show games included in the 10-Pack Ultimate TV Quiz Show package.  See much, much, more.
  • InJeopardy Quiz Show
  • Are You Smarter Than?
  • Deal Quiz Show
  • Hollywood Tic Tac Dough
  • Mazing Race Quiz Show
  • Millionaire Wannabe
  • Money Taxi Quiz Show
  • Survival Quiz Show
  • Tribal Feud Quiz Show
  • Wheel of Wealth
PowerPoint Presentation Tool Box
The Presentation Tool Box is easy to use and always right there for you when you open PowerPoint.  Choose from 270 professionally created slides which can be inserted at the touch of a button into any spot in your program presentation.  Ice Breakers, Team Builders, Energizers, Mini Games, Game Show Wheels, Scoreboards, Certificates, Attention Grabbers, Timers and more.  See much, much, more.
8-Pack PowerPoint Quiz Show Games Volume 2
Here are 8 great PowerPoint quiz show games to use in the classroom or for online training.  The games are based on popular game shows that everyone has played and enjoyed.  Simply add your own training questions into the game and you’re ready to go.  Games can be renamed and saved over and over again to deliver different question sets for all of your various training programs.  See much, much, more.

10-Pack Ultimate Quiz Show Games
Answer Champ  NEW!
The Answer Champ Game is a fantastic and fun way to review questions for any teaching or training program.  Class participants compete by answering questions in a series of rounds; all trying to advance to the final round and the championship position.  See much, much, more.
Toss 'N Teach Training Game  NEW!
The TGI Toss N Teach game puts the "Active" into "Interactive", cleverly combining physical activity with classroom learning.  This game offers your group a fun and engaging interactive experience guaranteed to increase learning retention.  See much, much, more.
6-Pack PPT Quiz Show Games Volume 1
We have updated our best selling PowerPoint 6 pack with improved graphics, sounds, features and games.  Even includes a free Word Jumble Ice Breaker/Team Builder game.  These games add fun and excitement to any training or teaching event.  See much, much, more.
6-Pack PPT Quiz Show Games Volume 3
You'll create fantastic TV style quiz shows entering your own training content! Our newest and best 6-Pack has it all.  6 great PowerPoint games each with musical intros, game sounds, animation, easy to edit and enter questions, built-in ice breaker, push button scoring, game timer, and prize selectors.  Most games also include additional slides for exercises or mini-presentations.  See much, much, more.
4 Pack PowerPoint Sports Games
These games are based on real life sporting events that we all love to watch or play.  Cars race across the screen, players run the bases or march down the football field, and the golfers navigate 3 very different holes of golf.  See much, much, more.
Ready-Made Games and Templates
We've scoured the web and assembled this impressive list of PowerPoint training games created by others.  All you need to do is add your own questions and answers.

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