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Category: Games for Big Kids

Shockwave Flash Icon Mini Putt Golf I
Miniature golf at its best.  See how many holes-in-one you can score.  Dedicated to world renowned putt putt legend, DJ Johnson.
Shockwave Flash Icon Mini Putt Golf II
Miniature golf at its best.  See how many holes-in-one you can score.  Dedicated to world renowned putt putt legend, DJ Johnson.
Shockwave Flash Icon Field Sobriety Test
Interactive shockwave game which is sure to challenge and yes, maybe even amuse you.
Shockwave Flash Icon Sober Santa
Santa's had a few too many.  See how many points you can score while you keep him off the train tracks and save him from electrocution.
Shockwave Flash Icon Cat Bowling
Just in time for Halloween, see how many strikes you can get to foil the witch.
Shockwave Flash Icon Turkey Bowling
Just in time for Thanksgiving, score a couple turkeys by knocking down the turkeys.
Shockwave Flash Icon Ant City
You're in possession of the missing giant magnifying glass.  Go ahead and wreak havoc over the city.  Watch out for the tanker truck.
Shockwave Flash Icon Bloody Penquins
The object is to get the Yeti to bat the penguins the furthest distance.  Once in flight, land mines landed upon will add more distance.  Caution: this game may be addictive.
Shockwave Flash Icon Deal or No Deal
This game has everything but Howie Mandel.  Select your case and eliminate the others to obtain the most cash.
Shockwave Flash Icon Doom Funnel Chasers
Here's another that may be addictive.  Starts out easy and then gets harder and harder to score the most points.
Shockwave Flash Icon Solitaire
Pass time with a friendly game of Solitaire.
Shockwave Flash Icon Press Your Luck
Answer trivia questions to earn spins and then try to avoid the Whammy and build up your cash.
Shockwave Flash Icon Pepsi Pinball
Just like the classic pinball games of old.  This one's got many features.  Right and left arrows are the flippers.

Maxthon Icon Google Feud
Fashioned after the TV game, "Family Feud", you try to guess how Google autocompletes popular searches.  Try to think like a search engine.
Shockwave Flash Icon Kitten Cannon
The original, yes the one that makes cat lovers squirm.  Launch the kitty and get more distance by landing on TNT and trampolines.  Avoid the prickly thorns and hungry kitten-eating plants.  It's a hoot.
Shockwave Flash Icon Wheels of Salvation
Dr. Carter needs your help to escape from the rising flow of lava.  Move from one wheel to another to make it to the surface.
Shockwave Flash Icon Battleships General Quarters
Just like the arcade classic game Battleship.  Sink the enemy's 5 ships before he gets yours.
Shockwave Flash Icon Card Sharks
Just like the TV game show of the same name.  Make your wager and select higher or lower to advance to the end prize.
Shockwave Flash Icon Cats Cannon
Sort of like Angry Birds, except this is done with kitty cats.  Launch 'em at targets to get the highest score.
Shockwave Flash Icon Crush the Castle II
This game provides various modes of play and plenty of new castles to destroy each week.  This one loads slow, so be patient.
Shockwave Flash Icon Flash-Man
Just like Pac-Man but with another name.  Chomp up the dots before getting caught.
Shockwave Flash Icon Lucky Coins Pinball
You get three balls to post your high score.  Sorry, no juking, just use the spacebar to navigate thru the course.
Shockwave Flash Icon Who Will Be a Millionaire
Just like the TV game show, but without Regis Philbin.  Good luck trying to get the million.

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