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Article: At the Coal Face
Engineer Dave Feickert on mine safety in China.

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Tensions of Transition
This is a thesis written by David Feickert on the safety problems of the China coal industry.

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Dave Feickert Interview on Mine Safety
Global Times interview on mine safety with Dave Feickert.

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China Coal Mine Fatalities 2000-2014
Chart showing the number of mining fatalities for the period 2000 - 2014.

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Hazard Monitoring Using Fiber Optic Sensors
Technical paper on the use of fiber optic sensors for hazard monitoring.

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Impact Study on the EU-China Coal Mine Safety Program
The Impact Study on coal mining health and safety training is made in the context of the Memorandum of Understanding on occupational health and safety co-operation, signed by the Peoples Republic of China and the European Union in January 2009.  It covers in particular the training received by 29 delegates from China in the United Kingdom and the observations made by these and other delegates who have been overseas to other countries for safety training.

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