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 16-126_ce055015-fc1c-4a8c-9a8a-8a9361d808bb.pdf 1605510 PDF File
 2018NCVRW_MassCasualty_508_QC.pdf 273910 PDF File
 analysis-of-recent-mass-shootings.pdf 1474540 PDF File
 dp11900.pdf 363258 PDF File
 economic-costs-of-gun-violence---jec-report.pdf 3160062 PDF File
 gun_violence_in_the_US.pdf 351309 PDF File
 index.asp 33211 ASP File
 Issue-Advisory_Mass-Shootings.pdf 142337 PDF File
 keepingourschoolssafe2019.pdf 523380 PDF File
 Mass Shooting Incidents.ppt 4414464 PPT File
 Mass-Murder-and-the-Mass-Media.pdf 410053 PDF File
 mass-violence-in-america_8-6-19.pdf 3637619 PDF File
 mass_murder_with_firearms.pdf 708931 PDF File
 reduce-gun-violence.ppt 211456 PPT File
 The-Economic-Cost-of-Gun-Violence-in Minnesota.pdf 2732517 PDF File
 The-Economic-Cost-of-Gun-Violence-in-Ohio.pdf 3510536 PDF File
 The-Mental-Health-Consequences-of-Mass-Shootings.pdf 269355 PDF File
 theories-and-rationale-behind-mass-shootings-michael-eskey.ppt 1225728 PPT File
 Who_is_this_Person.ppt 940544 PPT File