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DXP Safety Master DXP Safety Master
info@dxpe.comUSA, Texas
DXP Enterprises, Inc. is a market leader in the distribution of capital equipment, technical services and MROP products to the industrial market.  We provide the parts that build your machines.  The services that keep them running.  The equipment that protects your people’s safety.  And the solutions that help your business grow.

Fire Rescue Safety Australia Fire Rescue Safety Australia
Fire Rescue Safety Australia supplies the world’s finest safety and emergency response equipment to the mining industry, offshore oil and gas, fire brigades, homeland security, emergency services, defence, industrial business, tradesmen, petrochemical and construction industry.

Mine Lifeline, LLC Mine Lifeline, LLC
info@minelifeline.comUSA, West Virginia
Mine Lifeline is proud to announce Micropore's ExtendAir Lithium Hydroxide Curtains was used in our 96 hour live test. Micropore's cost effective ExtendAir curtains have an initial shelf life of five years.  Weight and visual inspection can lead to additional annual certifications.  Are you looking for a system that can take the heat and is easily adaptable to changing regulations? Many options are available.

Visit Mine Lifeline LLC for your mine safety equipment

Motosolutions Fog Tech Motosolutions Fog Tech
gene@motosolutions.comUSA, California
Originally, MotoSolutions was a company dedicated to improving the motorcycling experience.  But it quickly became clear that other sports and industries are affected by fogging problems.  For example, it has been found that with Paintball up to two-thirds of eye injuries are caused by players removing their masks due to fogging.  Currently, we offer a Patent Pending solution, called FOGTECH™, that is the best anti-fog on the market.  We intend to offer more best in class products in the near future.  MotoSolutions is located in Rodeo, California, USA about 20 miles north east of San Francisco.

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