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Aspen Systems, Inc. Aspen Systems, Inc.
info@aspensystems.comUSA, Massachusetts
Aspen Systems, Inc. (ASI) and its affiliates are a group of global technology companies serving numerous markets including the chemical, oil and gas, transportation, aerospace, apparel, and health care industries.  ASI was established in 1984 to perform research and development, and engineering for government and private corporations for the purpose of developing high value-added new products.  ASI has been a technology incubator, and has spun off new companies that have successfully developed technology and prepared it for commercial applications.  Among the products supplied by ASI and its affiliates are custom refrigeration systems, heating and cooling equipment, high performance materials used in manufacturing, aerospace, and other industrial processes, health care items that fight disease and prolong life, and technologies that utilize fuel efficiently while protecting the environment.

ChemGuard ChemGuard
info@chemguard.comUSA, Texas
We started this company with a simple credo: Work hard to deliver the highest quality products at a fair price.  Today that loyalty to customer satisfaction and quality has resulted in substantial growth for the company.  It has also propelled Chemguard into a position of delivering truly innovative solutions for fire and special hazards applications around the world.  Our equipment is engineered for great performance over many years and our customer service is second to none.

National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors
norbm@nafed.orgUSA, Illinois
The National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED) was established in 1963 with the mission of continuously improving the economic environment, business performance, and technical competence in the fire protection industry.

Phoenix First Response Phoenix First Response
ian@phoenix1response.comUSA, Pennsylvania
PHOENIX First Response has been instrumental in the United States since 2003 in fighting mine fires to restore mines to safe operational conditions.

Weatherford Pipeline & Specialty Services Weatherford Pipeline & Specialty Services
patti.meyer@weatherford.comHouston, Texas
Temporary Nitrogen Plants - On-site Generated Nitrogen for suppression of mine fires and inerting.

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