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Cargill Salt Company Cargill Salt Company
Contact via the websiteUSA, Minnesota
Today, Cargill Salt operates vacuum evaporated salt production facilities in New York, Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, Louisiana and California; rock salt mines in New York, Ohio and Louisiana; and solar evaporation facilities in Oklahoma, Utah, San Francisco Bay, Venezuela and Netherlands Antilles.  In addition, Cargill Salt has numerous salt terminals and storage facilities located throughout the United States.

Morton Salt Company Morton Salt Company
Contact via the websiteUSA, Illinois
In 1848, Morton Salt had its beginning in Chicago as a small, Midwestern sales agency.  It started to grow as the population headed west, and kept growing long after the West was settled.  Today the business, still headquartered in Chicago, is North America's leading producer and marketer of salt for home, water conditioning, industrial, agricultural and highway use.

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