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A. L. Lee Corporation A. L. Lee Corporation
wva@alleecorp.comUSA, West Virginia
Quality underground mining equipment since 1967.

ChemBio, Inc. ChemBio, Inc.
sales@ChemBioShelter.comUSA, Pennsylvania
The ChemBio Life Shelter™, a mine-purposed version of our patent-pending “toxic-free-room” technology, was developed in cooperation with ZUMRO, Inc., a leading Emergency Shelter fabricator. The Mine Refuge Shelters are engineered to rugged military standards.  Pre-configured units can support up to 18 workers in shelter heights ranging from 20 to 84 inches.  Custom sizing and configurations are also available.

MineARC Systems America MineARC Systems America
james.rau@minearc.comUSA, Texas
MineARC Systems began testing and designing scrubbing systems for CO2 removal in 1995.  Since then the company has expanded its operations and now builds a complete refuge system it believes necessary in today's underground mining operations.

In developing a scrubbing system to install into refuge chambers, we identified a number of problems that made the existing chambers unsafe and hazardous.  As a result we have developed our own refuge chambers to solve the problems discovered, such as the need for carbon monoxide scrubbing and cooling.

Rana Mining - Refuge One Air Centre Rana Mining - Refuge One Air Centre
lyall@ranamedical.comCanada, Manitoba
The Refuge One Air Centre is a self-contained system that is designed to provide oxygen at controlled rates, and to remove carbon dioxide from the air in an enclosed space.  The unit does not depend on the compressed air pipeline, and in an emergency does not require an external electrical source.

The air within the Refuge Station is "processed" by the Refuge One Air Centre, as opposed to purging the Carbon Dioxide laden room air with "new air" from the compressed air.  To effectively accomplish this, the air flow through the carbon dioxide scrubbers has to be at the same rate as required by the compressed air system.

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