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Hannay Reels Hannay Reels
reels@hannay.comUSA, New York
Hannay Reels is a modern company with state-of-the-art facilities.  Craftsmanship is just as important as technology, and customers find this craftsmanship in everything the company does, from reel design, to manufacturing, to shipping, to service … that's The Hannay Way.

On Site Gas Systems On Site Gas Systems
info@onsitegas.comUSA, Connecticut
ON SITE Gas is a company of two missions:
1.  To provide the highest quality gas generating systems for nitrogen and oxygen in the world.
2.  To advance gas generation technically by dedicating at least 25% of our resources to Research and Development in order to remain on the cutting edge of new processes.
3.  To exceed our customer expectations, eliminate all waste, provide an environment that encourages continuous improvement, where quality comes first, while promoting respect for employees and our community.

PowerQuick, Inc. PowerQuick, Inc.
mcj@powerquickinc.comUSA, Nevada
The PowerQuick® Personal lifting device is a battery-operated work positioning device that makes working at heights quicker, safer, and less expensive.  Think of it as a personal elevator that climbs a standard rope.  The PowerQuick® Powered Ascender was originally designed as a tool to allow Special Forces personnel to safely and quickly ascend buildings, ships, etc for tactical applications.  It is designed to lift a person to upper levels by simply attaching the unit to a standard climbing rope and pulling the trigger.

Rish Equipment Company Rish Equipment Company
froeder@rish.comUSA, West Virginia
Rish is one of the oldest, continuous, construction equipment dealerships in our market area of West Virginia, Virginia, and the Maryland Panhandle; we're a dealer that's young in ideas.  We're not afraid of change, we welcome it.  Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and back them with service second to none.

Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers
Contact via the websiteUSA, Nebraska
For over 50 years we've been helping people buy and sell used heavy equipment.  We provide services that make it easy – and the information you need to buy and sell heavy equipment with confidence.

Statband Emergency Wristbands Statband Emergency Wristbands
info@statband.comUSA, St. Louis, Missouri
Prepare for the worst by selecting the best.  No emergency response plan is complete without the StatBand® line of emergency response wristband tags.  The StatBand line has become the preferred choice of emergency response teams across the country due to the following unique features:
  • Advanced water and abrasive-resistant 3-ply polymer construction to withstand the harsh conditions of an emergency response environment far better than traditional paper and string tags.
  • Patented one piece fastening system that ensures wristband tags go on quickly and stay on until they are no longer needed.
  • Self-adhesive uniquely numbered barcode labels for quick and accurate identification and tracking of people, pets, and personal belongings.
  • Bundled in groups of 25 to an easy clip-on belt fastener that allows first responders both hands free to do their jobs.
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