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Mine Safety Tracker Mine Safety Tracker
Contact via the websiteUSA, Ohio
Snively Inc. was founded by Richard Snively in 1990 as an Application Development firm focused on IBM S/3x.  As fast as the IT world has evolved; Snively Inc. has continually made the proactive progression to maintain and anticipate future IT trends and direction.  We attribute our growth and success to our client base “word-of-mouth” advertising.  Snively Inc. has always been a leading player in the IBM Application Development and Consulting arena; however, our customers are driving the requirement to provide a one-stop shopping solution for our clients.

Mine Site Technologies Mine Site Technologies
Mine Site Technologies was established in 1989 and has grown to be one of the largest specialized mining communication companies in the world.   Our technologies are working every day in over 250 mines in Australia, Canada, the United States and China. We have established close working relationships with major mining companies within Australia and overseas.  Our reputation is as an innovative company using sound technology to develop products based on industry requirements.  In addition, we actively source, develop and apply generic technologies to enhance production and maintenance processes in mining operations.

Varis Smart Underground Communications Varis Smart Underground Communications
info@varismine.comCanada, Ontario
Becker Varis is dedicated to the development and application of effective communications in mining and tunnelling.  Its success is a result of industry leading advancements in communication, automation and global service capabilities.  Our mission is to enable our customers to communicate effectively and reliably with their personnel, equipment or goods.

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