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BioPak 240 Revolution BioPak 240 Revolution
bill.flynn@neutronicsinc.comUSA, Pennsylvania
The new Biomarine BioPak 240 Revolution is the most highly advanced, easiest to use 4-hour rebreather ever offered.  With 6 liters of tidal volume, it delivers the lowest resistance breathing of any rebreather available.  The BioPak 240R cuts return to service time by 50%.

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CSE Corporation CSE Corporation
cre@csecorporation.comUSA, Pennsylvania
CSE Corporation manufactures a full range of safety products including portable gas detection and escape breathing apparatus for mining and industrial applications worldwide.

Ocenco, Inc. Ocenco, Inc.
Contact via the websiteUSA, Pennsylvania
Ocenco, Inc. is a world leader in internationally approved respiratory protection equipment and is a premier manufacturer of intrinsically safe lighting systems. Ocenco products set new standards in reliability, performance and safety, while exceeding internaional regulatory requirements.  Yet, Ocenco is more than state of the art safety products.  Ocenco is people.  People committed to manufacturing the world's finest safety equipment for hazardous environments.

Scott Health and Safety Scott Health and Safety
scottmarketing.scotths.us@tycoint.comUSA, North Carolina
Scott Health & Safety is a world leading designer of high performance respiratory protection systems and other life saving products.  Scott Health & Safety is generally segmented into five key product lines including Air-Supplied Products, Air-Purifying Products, Thermal Imaging, Breathing Air Compressor Systems, and Portable and Fixed Gas detection instrumentation.

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