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Bonnie E. Stewart, Author Bonnie E. Stewart, Author
Contact not availableUSA, West Virginia
Bonnie E. Stewart, a journalist who taught at West Virginia University, spent four years investigating the 1968 Farmington mine disaster.  To write this book, she drew upon a number of sources: sworn testimony, state and federal inspection records, news accounts, company documents, and interviews.  She admittedly knew nothing of coal mining prior to her investigation.  She acquired expertise, but not the fatalistic views about mine safety shared by many of the miners and others she interviewed.  She refused to accept the dire admonition that coal cannot be run without blood on it.  Thus, she writes with a sense of outrage, and with a moralizing edge, that makes the narrative both riveting and, at times, naïve.

No. 9: The 1968 Farmington Mine Disaster

Gerald Stern, Author Gerald Stern, Author
Contact not availableUSA
Gerald Stern is an American poet, essayist and educator.  The author of twenty collections of poetry and four books of essays, Stern has taught literature and creative writing at Temple University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Raritan Valley Community College, and Iowa Writers' Workshop.  Since 2009, Stern has been distinguished poet-in-residence and a member of the faculty of Drew University's graduate programme for a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in poetry.

The Scotia Widows: Inside Their Lawsuit Against Big Daddy Coal

Gregg Olsen, Author Gregg Olsen, Author
greggolsen@msn.comWashington, USA
The award-winning author has been a guest on dozens of national and local television shows, including educational programs for the History Channel, Learning Channel, and Discovery Channel.  He has also appeared on Good Morning America, The Early Show, FOX News; CNN, Anderson Cooper 360, Deborah Norville Tonight, MSNBC’s Special Edition, Entertainment Tonight, 48 Hours, I-Detective, Fame for 15, Crier Live, Leeza, Sally Jessy Raphael, Inside Edition, Extra, Access Hollywood, Evening Magazine, Northwest Afternoon, AM Northwest, MSNBC’s Headliners and Legends with Matt Lauer, and A&E’s Biography.

The Deep Dark: Disaster and Redemption in America's Richest Silver Mine

Héctor Tobar, Author Héctor Tobar, Author
hector@hectortobar.comCalifornia, USA
Héctor Tobar is the author of four books, including the critically acclaimed, New York Times bestseller, Deep Down Dark: The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine and the Miracle That Set Them Free.

A finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award, Deep Down Dark is published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, by Sceptre in the UK, Harper Collins Canada, and Belfond in France.

Deep Down Dark: The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine and the Miracle That Set Them Free

Jeff McNeish, Author Jeff McNeish, Author
jeff@cu.netBillings, Montana, USA
Jeff Edward McNeish was born, raised & educated in Billings, MT.  He holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Rocky Mountain College and works as a Software Development Manager.  His hobbies include history or genealogy: both of which he shares with his father Jack McNeish, a Red Lodge native.

Jeff spent much of his childhood in Carbon County enjoying the outdoors as well as visiting with relatives whose families have resided in Carbon County for 100 years.  The predominant occupation among these relatives was coal mining.  Jeff is related to 11 members of the "The Underground Day Shift" on Feb 27, 1943.  He has also lost 2 more relatives to the Smith Mine in the 1930's.

Kymberly Mele, Author Kymberly Mele, Author
Contact via the websiteUSA, Price, Utah
Kymberly Mele was born a coal miner’s daughter in Price, Utah.  Her father, Donald Blake Hanna, is one of the survivors of the Cane Creek Mine disaster.  Mele attended three different high schools as her father moved around, as he transitioned from miner to federal mine inspector during those years in the mining industry.  She attended Brigham Young University for a short time before marrying her husband, Greg Mele, who she has been married to for forty-one years.  Mele has also been associated with mining throughout her husband's career in the industry.  Mele is the president of her company, Mele Enterprises, and is a member of the Utah League of Writers.  She has been a freelance writer, has done graphic arts work, produced and published newsletters for several companies and for the International Society of Mine Safety Professionals.  She has also written articles for the Joseph A. Holmes Safety Association’s Bulletin.  Mele has also been a public speaker for youth groups and was a speaker at the 1996 National Mine Rescue Competition sponsored by the Mine Safety and Health Administration in Las Vegas, as well as the Carbon County Mine Rescue Competition in Price, Utah.

Disaster at Cane Creek: An Unforgettable Story Especially For Those Who Lived It

Michael Punke, Author Michael Punke, Author
mpunke2003@yahoo.comUSA, Montana
"When a shaft fire broke out on June 8, 1917, it unleashed a variety of pent-up hatreds that had festered in Butte for months, if not years.  Initially, the fire trapped more than 400 men beneath the surface.  One hundred sixty-four people died, and Punke's recounting of the struggle of the others to survive is tense, exciting, and even inspiring.  A lawyer, novelist, and Montana resident, he tells an equally interesting story of the ethnic conflicts, anti-war protests, and labor warfare that quickly exploded and ravaged the area for the next three years.  This is a timely work, with the recent spate of fatal mine disasters reminding us that deep-shaft mining remains a dangerous profession."

Fire and Brimstone: The North Butte Mining Disaster of 1917

Neil Swidey, Author Neil Swidey, Author
Contact via the websiteMassachusetts, USA
Neil Swidey is author of the bestselling Trapped Under the Sea, which was named one of the best books of 2014 by Amazon and Booklist.  He also wrote The Assist and was a coauthor of Last Lion: The Fall and Rise of Ted Kennedy.  A staff writer for The Boston Globe Magazine, Neil lives with his family outside Boston.

Trapped Under the Sea: One Engineering Marvel, Five Men, and a Disaster Ten Miles Into the Darkness

O. Henry Mace, Author O. Henry Mace, Author
ohenry@timeship.comCalifornia, USA
Born Orville Henry Mace, Jr. in the little Missouri river town of Newburg, the author grew up with a camera in one hand and a pen in the other.  While working on a history degree at the University of Missouri he ran a small-town photography studio and, in 1971, married his high school sweetheart, Kathryn.  In 1973, the couple moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where Henry worked as a freelance photographer and medical videographer.  The two relocated to Laguna Beach, California in 1981, and Henry opened a commercial photography studio in nearby Irvine.

47 Down: The 1922 Argonaut Gold Mine Disaster

Peter A. Galuszka, Author Peter A. Galuszka, Author
Contact not availableUSA, Virginia
Peter A. Galuszka, author of Thunder on the Mountain, is a veteran journalist who has covered worldwide energy issues, especially coal, for several decades.  A former West Virginia resident, he logged thousands of miles on the windy mountain roads of Central Appalachia and traveled to Mongolia, China, and Japan to track down the Massey story.  The former Moscow bureau chief for BusinessWeek, he now lives in Chesterfield, Virginia.

Thunder on the Mountain: Death at Massey and the Dirty Secrets Behind Big Coal

Rebecca Macfie, Author Rebecca Macfie, Author
Contact not availableNew Zealand
Rebecca Macfie is a senior writer with New Zealand Listener.  She was previously a senior writer and deputy editor of The New Zealand Herald's The Business, editor and deputy editor of Unlimited magazine, and has written extensively for The Independent Business Weekly and National Business Review.  She has 25 years' experience in journalism and has won many awards.

Tragedy at Pike River Mine: How and Why 29 Men Died

Susan Kushner Resnick, Author Susan Kushner Resnick, Author
suekush@comcast.netMassachusetts, USA
Susan Kushner Resnick is the author of Sleepless Days: One Woman's Journey through Postpartum Depression.  She has been a journalist for twenty-five years; her work has appeared in The Best American Essays, the New York Times Magazine, Boston Magazine, salon.com, Parents Magazine, and Utne Reader.

Goodbye Wifes and Daughters

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