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Donnie Johnson's Arc Flash Accident
For lack of PPE, Donnie Johnson suffered severe 3rd degree burns.  Descriptive PDF file included.  See more on new arc flash rules in PDF format and PowerPoint Presentations.
Lockout and Tag for Safety
This is a 7 minute video produced by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

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Utility Pole Rescue
At the urgence of his ground man, this utility pole rescuer cuts the line freeing both the victim and himself.

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The power of high voltage electicity
Video which demostrates the awesome power of high voltage electricity.

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Juice in the wire
This guy gets a little shock and big surprise.

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Electrical Horseplay
These two would no doubt be loads of fun at parties.
Safety is Personal: An Employer's Story
Mike Honeyman has a message for employers: Safety is personal. In this video, he shares the hard lessons he learned as a business owner after one of his workers was seriously injured on the job.
Electrical Safety and other equipment around utilities
Another Sims Crane Minute on electrical safety and other precautions to take around above and below ground utilities.
Safety Tip: Arc Flash Prevention
Each year, arc flash accidents send 2,000 workers to the hospital.  Arc flash can result in severe burns, hearing loss and injury from contact with flying objects.

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Powered Haulage Albanian Style
Here's an example of the life of an Albanian miner skillfully going through his haulage maneuvers.

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Satire on Basic Electrical Concepts
Humorous slant on basic electricity.

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High Power Worker
This footage is taken outside Thunder Bay, Ontario and these guys are checking HYDRO TOWER INSULATORS.
Power Line & Electrical Safety
The Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association released a report on the top ten root causes for crane and rigging insurance losses.  In the Sims Crane Minute, crane experts and safety professionals provide basic education to raise awareness for these issues.
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