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Mine Safety Training PowerPoint Presentations

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How To Use the Translation Features of PowerPoint
This how-to video will walk you through everything you need to know to get started using the translation features of PowerPoint.  For more information on using Translator with Microsoft PowerPoint, visit here.
Category: Seasonal Safety
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38 slides
101 Days of Summer
Summer is the time when the potential for heat injuries increases.  Heat injuries are preventable.  By following these simple recommendations, it will decrease your susceptibility to them.

20 slides
ATV Safety
Filled with facts and photos pertaining to ATV safety.

41 slides
Avalanche Avoidance and Companion Rescue
Factors determining the likelihood of avalanches occurring.

28 slides
Avalanche Avoidance and Companion Rescue
Factors determining the likelihood of avalanches occurring.

129 slides
Avalanche Awareness
Discusses avalanche characteristics and statistics.

90 slides
Avalanche Awareness for Snowmobilers
Discusses avalanche characteristics and statistics.

95 slides
Be Prepared for Winter Driving
You must understand how cold weather effects your vehicle before, during, and after operation.

Extreme Winter Weather
Photo-filled presentation of extreme winter weather scenes.

56 slides
Know Before You Go
The basics of staying alive in avalanche terrain.

2 slides
Safety Highlights for January and February
Winter-time accident statistics.

10 slides
Winter Safety
Filled with "Dos and Donts" and tips to keep you safe in the winter.

7 slides
How To Drive Through Winter Weather
The best way to avoid a crash on wintery roads?  Always stay in control.  When you're driving on a slippery surface, there's limited traction or grip available for you as a driver to use.
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27 slides
Winter Fire Safety
More than half of December home-decoration fires nationwide are started by candles.

11 slides
Winter Weather Hazards
Wear shoes with slip-resistant soles or traction devices when walking or working on surfaces that are wet, greasy, icy, or other-wise slick.

33 slides
Mower Safety
Not everyone knows how to operate a mower safely.  In fact, what most people view as common sense can lead to accidents later.  The purpose of this training is to help you become a SAFE mower operator.  From Oklahoma State University.

20 slides
Snowblower Safety Training
Your first priority isn’t to start the mower and get to work—it is to read the manual and understand how to work effectively.

62 slides
Swimming Pool Health and Safety
Poor maintenance of the pool may lead to low levels of disinfectant (chlorine) and clogged filters that may place swimmers at risk for diarrheal diseases and skin, ear, and upper respiratory infections.

40 slides
Too much snow in any language
This presentation, which is led into by foreign text, contains photos of snowfall conditions that are simply ridiculous.

2 slides
Using Past Experience to Improve the Future
Winter accident statistics from 2004.

18 slides
Winter Awareness
Photos used to illustrate winter-time safety hazards.

22 slides
Winter Season Safety Suggestions
Cold weather, winds, bitter rains, and heavy snows cause many concerns for all citizens BUT for people with special needs, i.e. people with paralysis, diabetic conditions, and neuropathy, concerns can be magnified.

17 slides
Winter Weather Safety
Tips on how to protect yourself in winter weather conditions.

11 slides
Winter Weather Hazards
Tips on how to protect yourself in winter weather conditions.
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