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For more on mine disasters in the United States since 1839, visit here,
and visit here for vintage news on the evolution of mine safety in the US.

Anthracite Mine Accident Victims 1899-1932
Great genealogy resource!  These files contain alphabetical listings of all fatal and nonfatal accident victims in Anthracite mining from 1899-1932.

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Historical Summary of MSHA’S Mine Emergency Operations (MEO) Program
"The Sheppton Mine Disaster marked the first recorded event of a man being rescued by use of a borehole drilled into a mine in the United States."
Note: The above claim by the author may be in error when you examine the rescue of 14 miners from the Shakespeare Placer gold mine cave-in at Dome Creek, Alaska in 1911.
Mine Disasters in the United States
Mammoth library containing information on all mine disasters in the US since 1839.
Successful Mine Rescues and Mine Rescuer Deaths
Document containing the results of research of successful mine rescues and incidents of mine rescuer deaths in the United States.  Also contains additional information links located at
Red Cross Resources External Link Icon
The American Red Cross has created this Disaster and Safety Library to assist you in preparing your home, school and workplace in the event of a disaster or emergency. External Link Icon is a genealogy site, compiling information on the historic disasters, events, and tragic accidents our ancestors endured, as well as, information about their life and death.

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Remembering Scotia
On March 9, 1976, an explosion at the Scotia Mine in Oven Fork, Kentucky, took the lives of 15 miners.  Two days later, on March 11, eleven more died in a second explosion.  We thank Bob Cornett, retired MSHA District 3 Manager, for allowing us to share his firsthand account of the Scotia coal mine disaster as it unfolded.  MORE

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Blood and Coal
A time of utter greed on coal profit and little regard to coal miners.  Locomotives, household fireplaces, steam plants, and industries burned coal for fuel and energy to run water, electricity, and heating.  Coal fueled the nation.

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Washington State Mining Fatalities External Link Icon
Alphabetical digest of Washington State mining fatalities from 1885-1960.

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Escape from Farmington No. 9 - An Oral History
The primary purpose of this training module is to emphasize, to both new, inexperienced miners as well as veterans, important issues related to self-rescue and escape procedures.

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Psychological Issues in Escape, Rescue, and Survival in the Wake of Disaster
NIOSH report by George S. Everly, Jr., PhD., Paul Perrin, and George S. Everly, III.

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Underground Coal Mine Disasters from 1900-2010
This paper captures almost 110 years of history of underground coal mine disasters in the United States.  The authors examine the changing trends in mine disasters including the frequency of fatalities, causal types, the responses to those disasters and most importantly, the growing body of research on human behavior in mine emergencies.

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Major Disasters at Metal and Nonmetal Mines and Quarries in the United States
Data have been assembled on accidents from all causes in these mines and quarries from the earliest available information (describing an underground mine fire in Nevada in 1869) to the last reported major accident (a fire at a company-owned bunkhouse in Arizona in 1945).

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Loss of Life Among Wearers of Oxygen Breathing Apparatus
This Bureau of Mines information circular provides information showing that from 1911 to 1940, inclusive, 26 men lost their lives while wearing oxygen breathing apparatus in this country.

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Graphic: Quecreek Mine Rescue
This is one of several graphics used by the news media during the Quecreek Mine Rescue.

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Graphic: Quecreek Mine Rescue
This is one of several graphics used by the news media during the Quecreek Mine Rescue.

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Graphic: Quecreek Mine Rescue
This is one of several graphics used by the news media during the Quecreek Mine Rescue.

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Graphic: Quecreek Mine Rescue
This is one of several graphics used by the news media during the Quecreek Mine Rescue.

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Focused on Activity or Results?
Centralia Mine Disaster: This article addresses a topic that the author has thought about for many years.  The author believes that looking at this accident 60 years after it occurred will provide lessons that will be relevant and long-lasting.

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Explosion Effects on Mine Ventilation Stoppings
NIOSH and MSHA conducted joint research to evaluate explosion blast effects on typical U.S. mine ventilation stoppings in the NIOSH Pittsburgh Research Laboratory’s (PRL) Lake Lynn Experimental Mine (LLEM).  An innovative Australian-designed brattice stopping was also evaluated.

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The Cherry Mine Disaster of 1909
The rest of the story as told by George S. Rice.

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Historical Documentation of Major Coal Mine Disasters in the U.S. Not Classified as Explosions of Dust or Gas
USBM Bulletin 616: self explanatory.

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Mining Disasters in Southwest Wisconsin
A salute to Wisconsin miners, mostly gone yet they remain emblazoned on our state flag.  They helped to build our state and they will forever be a part of the history of our area, for they took a frontier and turned it into a state.

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Minnesota's Twentieth Century
Includes an in-depth article on the Milford Mine Inundation where 41 miners were killed on February 5, 1924.  MORE

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Crosby Courier Front Page
Front page of Minnesota's Crosby Courier about the Milford Mine Inundation where 41 miners were killed on February 5, 1924.  MORE

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Gas Line Explosion in Belgium
Pipeline explosion in Belgium killing 24 and injuring 132.
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30th Anniversary of the Loveridge Coal Mine Disaster  External Link
On February 6, 1986 at approximately 11:00 a.m. on the surface surge pile of the Loveridge No. 22 underground coal mine, five workers fell through a collapsed cavity in the raw coal pile and suffocated.
Final Reports of Investigation
Also found at our companion web site,, here's a list of final accident reports from past disasters.

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Disaster or Murder in the Mines?
The story of the Knox Mine Disaster as told by Robert and Kenneth Wolensky.

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World's Worst Fires and Explosions
Chronicles fire and explosion disasters which have occurred in the world back to 1666.

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Deadiest Tsunamis and Earthquakes in History
Lists of the deadiest tsunamis and earthquakes that have occurred in history.

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Story of the Orient No. 2 Mine Disaster
December 1951 mine explosion at the Orient No. 2 mine in Illinois that claimed 119 miners.  MORE

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Final MSHA Investigation: Jim Walter No. 5 Mine Explosions
MSHA's final accident investigation of the Jim Walter Resources, No. 5 Mine Explosions that occurred on September 23, 2001.   MORE

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Final MSHA Investigation: Aracoma Alma Mine Fire
Self explanatory.  MORE

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Final MSHA Investigation: Darby Mine Explosion
Self explanatory.  MORE

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Final MSHA Investigation: Crandall Canyon Mine Collapse
Self explanatory.  MORE

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Final MSHA Investigation: ICG Sago Mine Explosion
Self explanatory.  MORE

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OIG Report on the Crandall Canyon Mine Accident
OIG report of MSHA and the Crandall Canyon Mine accident.  MORE

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Primero Mine Explosion
By a house to house canvas, it was determined that 75 miners were killed in the Primero Mine Explosion on January 31, 1910 near Primero, Colorado.  MORE

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Farmington Disaster - Charleston Gazette Front Page
Front page and articles about the Farmington Mine Explosion for November 21, 1968.  MORE

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Fatal US underground coal mine explosions ignited in intake air courses
NIOSH paper, self explanatory.

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Summary of Coal Mine Explosions in the United States, 1959-81
Bureau of Mine Information Circular, self explanatory.

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Massey Letter - RE: Ventilation Plans
Letter penned by Don Blankenship on June 7, 2010 to four state Governors complaining about MSHA's actions pertaining to ventilation plans.  MORE

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The Miracle of the 29
Here's a well written short story by Kenny Perdue, a Director of Health & Safety for Alpha Natural Resources concerning the recent Upper Big Branch Mine disaster in West Virginia.  He was one of the more than eighty people that Alpha sent to assist Massey with the rescue operations and recovery of the twenty nine Miners that lost their lives.  MORE

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Industrial Homicide: Report on the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster
The United Mine Workers of America dedicates this report to the men and women whose job it is to toil within the deepest recesses of the earth, subjected to inherent dangers so that others may enjoy the basic comforts afforded by the coal they produce.  MORE

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Union vs. Non-Union Breakdown
This is a list of mine disasters which occurred between 12/30/1970 and 4/5/2010 showing that 13 occurred at non-union mines and 8 happened at union mines.

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Sago Mine Explosion
An overview of the events surrounding the Sago Mine Explosion which occurred January 2, 2006.  MORE

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New Zealand Mine Disaster Graphic
Graphic depiction of the Nov. 2010 coal mine disaster in New Zealand.
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Mine Disasters in Literature External Link
We've assembled an impressive collection of literary works which take an in-depth look into some of the more famous mine disasters which have occurred.
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