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Emergency Services Marketing Corp, Inc. Emergency Services Marketing Corp, Inc.
eruscitto@emergencysmc.comNew York, USA
The Emergency Responder Reply System* saves critical time for fire departments, EMS agencies, USAR and technical rescue teams, and any other incident response teams when responding to emergencies.

After receiving a dispatch notification through any existing system, responders speed dial one number on their phone.  Responders are immediately connected to an automated telephone system for a call that lasts only seconds.  On one simple computer screen (accessed through any computer with internet access) their station, chiefs, team leaders and dispatchers immediately see who is responding, their level of certification/qualification, the time that they are responding, and where they are responding (station or scene).  No one needs to answer any telephone or radio calls from any responders, and no software needs to be purchased or installed.  It's that simple!

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EMT Boot Camp EMT Boot Camp
Contact via the websiteCalifornia, USA
United Education offers an Accelerated 14 day EMT boot camp at its revolutionary training center in the United States.  The course explorers the role and responsibility of an emergency medical technician through lecture and mock drills.  Our ultra-real-world training drills are ideal for both new and seasoned students, with courses covering basic to advanced emergency medical services.

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